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Version 0.1.14 114.0 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

Fixed bug where matches were ignored for soft hyphens.

Version 0.1.13 112.1 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

Fixed bug which caused search box to always select-all when clicking within,
which prevented edits from being made without completely removing the

Version 0.1.12 112.0 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

Fixed bug which caused Options panel to not open.

Version 0.1.11 104.3 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

Fixed bug which caused Hugo to break when using sidebar

Version 0.1.10 106.2 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

Fixed bug where global "i", "s" selectors did not work if results
were collapsed.

Improved info box messaging when switching between standard search and
search within results.

Added option to clear all items in the search term history drop down
in the searchbox. Option will appear in the context menu just
below the option to remove individual items.

Version 0.1.9 106.2 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

The following changes have been made to Hugo since the 0.1.7 release:

Fixed several bugs introduced in 0.1.7 release:

"i", "s" checkboxes were not working properly.

Results toggle was not working properly.

Titles in results were not being displayed properly.

Firefox would freeze if FAYT was not selected.

No longer hiding some of the buttons on the control buttons bar which
were hidden intentionally.

Added localization for France/la France - Thanks to Denis Baron.

Version 0.1.7 99.1 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

The following changes have been made to Hugo since the last release:

*NOTE: If you are using the "Inverted Search" option, you may have to
re-enable it in Options > General > Show/Hide Advanced Controls.


Completely reworked search functionality.
This has resulted in a significant improvement on speed and performance.

Added caching of search data. This provides further improvement of
performance when searching pages which have previously been searched.

Added optional results menu implementation.
This is an experimental implementation providing optimization to further
improve performance and use less resources when the number of results is
very large. See Options > General

Standard results menu has also undergone some optimization for performance
benefits by reusing existing result items in the menu.

Frames are now included in searches.

Added option to merge overlapping context ends when displaying results
This means if two (or more) results are close enough together that
their context ends overlap, they will both be merged together in the
same result, appearing like they do on the web page.

Added the ability to search within results. This can be done to a
(theoretically) infinite number of levels.
Enable in Options > General > Show/Hide Advanced Controls

The new option "Search Within Results" and "Inverted Search" are now part
of thier own cluster as "Advanced Controls".

Removed Options > Performance options (results throttling) as
these are no longer necessary.

Version 86.8 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

Fixed "Cmd-F opens findbar" that was broken by 0.1.4 upgrade

Fixed compatibility issues on upcoming Firefox version 27
(highlighting in web page when a result is selected)

Version 86.7 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

Fixed bug which caused version update alert window to be blank

Version 86.7 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

The following changes have been made to Hugo:

NOTE: If you are already using the "Run Hugo independent of FindBar" option,
the following will not affect you:

The option to use the FindBar text entry box for Hugo searches has now been fully
discontinued. This is due to changes in FindBar implementation in FF 24 and FF 25
that create potential confusion to the user in 24, and does not work at all in 25.

Hugo will now have its own text entry box for searches. All other functionality
is the same except that opening FindBar will no longer open Hugo.

Remember that Hugo can be opened from the Tools menu, from Toolbar icon which can
be installed from the Toolbar Palatte: View > Toolbars > Customize...
or keyboard command (see Options > Keyboard)

(Note that using Hugo with its own entry box allows remembering previous search
queries. Clicking on the arrow shows query history.)

Version 87.7 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

bugfix - made addon self-unpacking

Version 87.7 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

Changes since last public release (Version 0.1.0):

*Please note the following important changes from previous functionality:

  • Removed arrow buttons on items in Tabs menu; now just double click on Tab item to switch browser to that tab.

  • Upgraded for Firefox 25 compatibility -
    This makes Hugo independent of Findbar, and Hugo has its own search entry box.
    This standalone functionality is also **optional** on < Fx 25 versions and can be
    turned on in Options panel. When in standalone mode, Hugo can be opened through
    the Tools menu (Hugo > Open Hugo), toolbar button, or keyboard shortcut. If in
    Findbar mode (< Fx 25), opening of Hugo is also linked to opening of Findbar,
    as previously.

Also added:

  • Added expanded menu in Tools menu: Tools > Hugo > Open Hugo, Options, Help.
    "Help" links to User's Guide.

  • Added Hugo Toolbar button. Drag button from Toolbar pallate: View > Toolbars > Customize...

  • Added search query history (if < FF 25, only available when using standalone mode)

  • Removed minimum character limit when not using "Find As You Type" mode.

  • Added ability to check/clear all ignores or selects on tabs found in currently displayed results from results pane.

  • Added ability to check/clear all ignores or selects on all tabs from tabs menu.
    (previously clear all functions were accessed from results pane).

  • Double clicking on a result title will collapse/expand the results (same as "toggle results" button).

  • Double clicking on a title to expand results will cause the results to scroll to where that title is.

  • Added "Do not match if fragment of word" option. Ignores matches if the search term is
    part of a larger word. This is toggled in the context menu. There are also options
    pertaining to this in the Options panel - Options > Query

  • Added option to detach Tabs menu and have it float. Set this in Options panel. Options > General > "Open Tabs Panel as..."

  • Added companion functionality with All Tabs Helper (if installed) when using floating tabs panel.
    "ATH" button will appear at top of menu, and you can toggle back and forth between ATH and Hugo Tabs panel.

  • Added ability to open Hugo using keybinding: Cmd-alt-H

  • Added ability to configure keybindings. Options > Keyboard

Version 54.6 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

Hugo version 0.1.0

Feature upgrades since version 0.0.1

Added ability to filter tabs to be searched:

  • Search all loaded tabs
  • Ignore tabs flagged as such
  • Search only tabs flagged as such
  • Search only the current tab
  • Exclude tabs with URLs matching selections from list of common search engines
  • Exclude tabs with URLs from list of user-defined URLs

Added inverted search option: display titles of tabs where matches are NOT found

Added ability to toggle between displaying full results and only titles of tabs

Added search progress meter for long searches

Reworked results rendering, resulting in significant performance improvements

Added throttling of search rendering to prevent freezeup due to rendering results from searches yielding high numbers of results on complex pages, with long context lengths.

Added tab title highlighting options

Added option to enable/disable FAYT (Find as You Type) for Hugo searches, also, ability for user to set FAYT timeout

Reworked context menu, and added Preference pane, which has clearer descriptions of what options mean