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  • 二次开发必备,为了使用这个都不敢更新火狐浏览器了.
  • good
  • 绝对的好用
  • good for debugger
  • T'was a great addon, even if it was seemingly abandoned. The builtin network inspector in Firefox is superior in every way except it only watches a single tab. Bummer.
  • 為什麼FIREFOX 不再支援這個套件呢?
  • xorpsho
  • it is efficient and convenient
  • tanks
  • accha
  • I can't able to download
    1- httpFox
    2- poster
  • Accurate Capturing for GET and POST Request
  • thanks your servicce http fox for prgrame
  • good
  • GOOD
  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • 10
  • I has a common Network analysis console which registers packets from any tab/windows.
    Furthermore it is still working with Palemoon 27 and Waterfox 55
  • In its time, this was one of the best and user-friendly http headers viewer showing timeline of requests with ability to select each request, along with info (separate tab) on cookies, query strings, post data, and content received.

    I realise you could do similar with the in-built dev toolbar now, but it's no where near as well laid-out or user-friendly as this great addon was!

    As a result, I still use this - I just wish the developer kept it updated and developed it further.

    Thank you Martin for your work on this, it has greatly helped me countless times in the past.
  • Прога отличная , но не хватает поиска по слову или тексту во вкладке Content (Search for a word in the content tab)
  • Martin, would it be possible for you to update this great extension to be compatible with e10s?
  • if in POST value text (Arabic , Persian ,... ) Bad displayed Because dont Support UTF-8

    Please add item for decode JSON,Base64 result

    Dont Support for show X headers
  • Martin Theimer, can you fix httpfox for latest version of Firefox?
  • No window.
  • AS HTTPWatch is no longer supported in the newest versions of Firefox my hopes were high that this add-on would fix my automation issues.

    HTTPfox works well as a user controlled add-on
    with similar feature to HTTPWatch,
    Start,Stop, Clear and Filter options it does the job well.

    As for its ability to interface with external programming languages such as ruby, C#, It Has none.

    There is no support to export data.
    There is no ability to start, stop, clear or set filters programmatically