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  • Work as described. Nice and simple! The bolt only appears when HTTP/2 is enabled.
  • Works as advertised. Thanks!
  • This is a nice plugin.. when it works correctly. Unfortunately I have been experiencing many issues with it including incorrect results and the lightning bolt becoming a green puzzle piece instead..
  • Generally a good extension, but unfortunately not usable on Android.
  • Yeah, support FF 57
  • اطلاعات
  • Any plans to port it to WebExtensions ? Thank you.
    Thanks for the review! I'm working on the WebExtension port of this currently, as my free time allows. Should have something to show off pretty soon :)

    EDIT: The first beta of the WebExtension port is available, see https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/spdy-indicator/versions/beta
  • The add-on doesn't support e10s (multiprocess) and so it doesn't work on recent Firefox versions. The add-on isn't actively maintained.
  • Icon no longer displays in Firefox 53.x. Presumably due to several security-related UI changes made by Mozilla.
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