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  • It's working well here, now I can read the furigana without having to zoom in.

  • Rubbbyyy! everyone who has been clever enough to become a ROR developer would be clever enough to use this simple yet helpful estension.

  • I am using 8.0-beta11, I found if uncheck "Space ruby text", ruby annotations may will align to left. I found this program if I browse kore.wikia.com

  • De fácil instalação, apresenta um ótimo desempenho junto com complementos para furigana. Será de grande ajuda para aqueles que buscam auxílio na leitura de kanjis!

  • Works great but hogs the memory when FF has multiple tabs open, and crashes
    Edit: BETA 7 seems to have fixed it?

    Developer response

    Thanks for trying the dev version. I've made many changes for version 7.x that should make it work better with less workarounds for newer versions of Firefox.

  • Works great. If you need this, you probably know it, though.

  • I don't really get why has FF problems with implementing this as default.. It's so helpful for -not even- japanese language lerners.

  • Leaks memory like hell. Gecko should really implement HTML Ruby.

    Upd: development version works much better! Thank you.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the review, in any case. Have you tried the development channel version (7.x)? It should work better for recent versions of Firefox.

  • 機能自体は申し分ないのですが、「沢山タブを開くとFirefoxクラッシュする」と言う現象の原因になっていました。

    Developer response


  • I works pefect!
    Furigana Injector and this addon are simply the bets couple to read in japanese.

  • To whom it may concern:

    According to w3 css3 standards information on Ruby found here http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-ruby/

    It mentioned that bopomofo ruby should be handled correctly if below CSS is used.

    ruby.bopomofo { writing-mode: tb-rl }

    So far none of the browsers or addons that supports RUBY accomplishes this. It would be nice if HTML ruby achieves this. Though besides the standard bopomofo, I also would like to see the Taiwanese holo portion of bopomofo also implemented. the bopomo for Taiwanese holo is already implemented in unicode standard.


    The real issue with rendering bopomofo in right verticle mode is the placement of the tonal marks, as seen in the w3 css3 standard page. There are 4 tonal marks in bopomofo for mandarin chinese, however for Taiwanese holo and hakka, there are 2 more tonal marks. So the 6 complete tonal marks that should be treated correctly are below

    ˊ ˇ ˋ ˙ ˪ ꜕

    ˊ U+02CA
    ˇ U+02C7
    ˋ U+02CB
    ˙ U+02D9
    ˪ U+02EA
    ꜕ U+A715 (or is it ˫ U+02EB doesn't matter, make both of them a tonal mark for bopomofo)

    I have no idea why these are in the same unicode page with the rest of the bopomofo, but so far that's how it is.

    All but one of these tonal marks should be placed on the right hand side of the vertical Ruby text, like the example in the w3 css3 page. which woud look something like below.


    The one exception is ˙ U+02D9, which would be placed above the rest of the ruby text, which would look something like this.


    Currently the only application that processes this correctly is Microsoft Words. If you have Asian Language package with your MS Words, and put in 爸吧, high light these two characters and goto "Format -> Asian Layout -> Phonetic Guides", in the setting window make sure the alignment is set to "Right vertical" mode, and you could see the different between˙ U+02D9, and the rest of the tonal marks.

    I know this is asking a lot, bit it is part of the w3 css3 standard. If HTML Ruby can be the first to support this, it would be great news.

  • I don't know where to post this for the author to see...

    i love HTML Ruby, thank you for creating such a wonderful tool.

    I use RUBY on my blog when i write Taiwanese Holo. Tailo or Pehoeji is a romanization of Taiwanese holo. The problem is when it is used as part of Ruby text, the latin alphabets become really small and difficult to read on normal blog and browser settings.

    I used to correct this by adding around my RUBY tags, and it works well with your HTML Ruby addon. Recently I have become a bit lazy and decides to try adding ruby { font-size:x-large; } directly to my blog's CSS. However your addon doesn't respond to it at all.

    It seems to work with XHTML Ruby addon, but for some reason XHTML ruby handles text wrap around weirdly, and I really enjoy HTML Ruby, I wonder if this can be remedied.

  • respect

  • Excellent add-on. Small, fast and works very well. It's even possible to change the font size of ruby text. The best Ruby add-on for Firefox.