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  • exactly what you need under Gnome 3! Hope this will soon added natively to Firefox.
  • 在gnome 3 使用firefox 必备。谢谢。
  • Thanks for posting it, now my Firefox looks as expected :)
  • Finally, Firefox looks good on Fedora!
  • Great! Works very well.
  • Seems to work just fine with MATE DE
  • When the window is snapped to the sides there is no close, restore, minimize buttons!
  • Works impressively in kde as well. You just have to add a rule to the window manager settings disabling firefox titlebar
  • Now when i use Htitle with Gnome theme 34.1 (and gnome theme tweak extension 34.1) , windows control disappears

    Firefox 34
    Fedora 21 32 bits
    Debian testing 64 bits

    Edit : i use gnome 3.14 with Fedora 21 and Debian testing.
    htitle with gnome theme 34.1 is working on ubuntu 14.04 with gnome 3.10.

    Thank you.
    What is yours GNOME version?

    With 3.14 you _MUST_ use the latest beta version of HTitle (3.2b3), because GNOME's developers changed the key what used for store window's buttons layout.
  • some problems with controls, but otherwise addons makes fox looking really native for gnome :D
  • This is a great extension that I've been using the last couple of months since I'm using Gnome Shell.
    The problem is however with Firefox Developer edition(that came out yesterday), there is a white line above the tabs that is driving me nuts. Also, the window controls have to be disabled because they are apparently made to work with a light color scheme.
  • As a Gnome Shell and a Firefox user, this is a must for my workspace. I just love when all my applications look a like and this addon is not only solves this issue of mine; It also provides extra space on your screen by removing the title and helps focus on the task.

    It's always good to see people doing awesome things for GNU/Linux Community and widely-used applications like Firefox. I just love these little things.

    A side note - Gnome 3.14 with Minimize and Maximize buttons enabled via Gnome Tweak Tool, does not affect Htitle unfortunately and leaves us with only ability to Close the Firefox, unlike Gnome 3.12. But I'm sure this is a known issue.

    Keep the good work up Alexander!
    > But I'm sure this is a known issue.

    It isn't. =(

    Well, it is fixed in git and will be included in next releases of HTitle and GNOME Theme.

    Many thanks!
  • Спасибо! Великолепно сработало на Lubuntu и кнопки аккуратные. В настройках выставил "Использовать устаревший метод".
  • Great extension. It does what it says without any hassle.
  • I'm using it in a ubuntu based distro (Deepin) which is also based in gnome. It worls with legacy mode ON. Without the title bar I have more space for websites. It's almost like been full screen all the time.
  • This extension is really welcome. It just works.
  • Amazing. It must be added to Firefox for GNU/Linux with Gnome.
  • It's a very nice plugin. One feature request I'd like to make is an option to also hide the title bar when the window is not maximized.
  • Funcionando perfeitamente no Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 !!! Obrigado !!!
  • Works great on Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 with Gnome 3.12 ;)
  • Perfect in Fedora 20 with Gnome 3.10
  • It's brilliant. Thanks.
  • it was irritating me for a while but this addon could do it well. maybe firefox should should have this option of removing the titlebar by default when window is maximized.
  • Just a warning, if you're on Mint 17 and Cinnamon, you may have to turn off desktop effects or else sometimes the FF windows winds up being almost too transparent to see. With desktop effects off, I have no issues.
  • Beautiful