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  • LIKE!!!
  • Simple and good option for basic VPN yeh on Premium version there is good switching on Gio Base Locations.
  • nice i like it
  • Hi ok
  • Internet connection hang frequently when using this VPN add-on.
  • Excelente herramienta para acceder detrás a sitios que están bloqueados por región o de alguna otra forma. Saludos ;)
  • Worked for a while then stopped for no reason. When active, nothing happens. If I type in the search box and press enter the bottom left of the screen the message: 'Waiting for google.com' Performing a TLS Handshake' 'Looking for Google.com' goes round in an endless loop. Firefox64.0
  • Даже в выключенном состоянии тормозит всё в Firefox (
  • NO internet with it on.