637 reviews for this add-on
  • I have saved quite a bit of money with Honey. It's a great tool to use if you buy anything online!

  • Fast, easy and very rewarding discount!

  • Getting discounts Yea!!

  • Just plain awesome! Less time looking for coupons and knowing im getting the best deal. :) Thanks CowChop for showing me da wae to Honey

  • honey has saved me about 25 bucks since christmas shopping

  • CE appli cache script de minage qu ralenti votre pc et fait bugger Firefox

  • What a great extension... like a tiny surprise party when a coupon works, which is surprisingly often!

  • very useful, has saved lots of money!

  • It's so handy and fast!

  • I don't quite understand it, but I sure as hell like it. Am going to learn more.

  • I forgot all about it and was going to look for coupons but it automatically kicked in and saved me close to $8.00
    Totally cool !

  • Utter rubbish! So far every site I've been to, I've manually found vouchers on the first link used from a web-search engine. But this app never seems to find vouchers!

    Not worth your time.

  • Very nice first online shopping with honey and save $15 on DC shoes

  • I can't turn it off. I want to uninstall it.

  • Such a fun way to save money and shop at the same time!

  • I really like how convenient this extension is, I do wish that It worked a bit better with amazon

  • It has saved me money on several occasions.

  • Pretty nifty tool. I use Amazon a lot and it really helps!

  • great savings and effortless!

  • I love that Honey automatically pops up to let me know it is searching for coupons to save me money! Then applies the best coupon. Easy peasy!

  • Doesn't do on Amazon what is claimed. Purposely selected the higher priced item and it didn't tell me of any other lower priced item, even when there was. Seemed to work the first half dozen times but after that it only wanted me to add it to the price drop watcher.

  • Always getting great discounts with Honey. Always saving me money. Great site to have on your computer.

  • Awsome site. Automatically finds the best price and discounts for you.

  • It always looks for the cheapest deal when buying items from overseas, just need it to look for Australia's bext prices and it would be my new best friend

  • It has worked for a few purchases, but I have not been able to find a lot of codes to apply to orders.