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  • Honey has saved me money on many purchases running automatically in the background. Pops up at the right time as I get to the shopping cart. Love it.
  • I enjoy the app for the most part, but I wish I could determine what the coupon codes that I can copy actually apply to. The list shows the code and allows a copy, but gives no info on what product it can be used on. What's the point?
  • If you're not using honey, you're loosing money. Download this free browser extension if you enjoy having more money.
  • Who hates this ? It's a freaking app to help save you money! Sure, not all codes work for every purchase for everyone but, goodness!! I'm honestly shocked at the 100+ people who gave this 1 star. The problem today is too many people expecting everything to go their way. Life doesn't work like that. This world.... Anyways, if you'd like to possibly save a few bucks possibly on your favorite sites, I highly recommend this add -on. If you order Pizza, or just shop online it's a no brainer. So you may not get any discount. When has it ever hurt to try?? I've saved on shipping. I've gotten $5 off my pizza order. In today's times, when does the surprise savings of a few dollars ever hurt? Exactly! Ignore the petty whinny ass people and at least give it a shot. What can you lose besides a couple dollars off your order?? The few seconds to install or uninstall. I feel for the rest who didn't get it all for free. SMH. Just try it!
  • I love Honey - Saves me money and I love the Points
  • So helpful! ive saved so much money on my online orders. its so cool that with just a few clicks you can have all availible promo codes applied for free!
  • Easy and I'm saving money!

    best thing that happen in my life, saved so much money. MrBeast sent me and honey is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Does not work with Firefox and Amazon.
  • I went to cash in to get gift cards and nothing came. I emailed, the only way to contact Honey and never heard. Not impressed at all.