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  • I've been using this for months, I have bought countless of things, enabled vouchers/cash back rewards on honey everytime it pops up and yet my gold is still at the same old 100 as when I started.
  • perfect!
  • Honey just saved me $10 on a pizza. A single pizza. I probably save $50 a month just doing all kinds of shopping with this app. I have friends who have told me to use similar apps that they use, but they SUCK compared to "HONEY" it saves me money every single time. . . 💯💯💯💯💯
  • just saved $55
  • Quite obviously a thinly veiled data mining operation. The only reason Honey exists is as a system for online stores to learn they still have coupon codes active.

    Honey provides you with bunk old codes, and in turn, they get to sell all your browsing data off to the highest bidder.
  • I'm so glad I found Honey - I've saved a lot of money using it. Love it.
  • Saves me money, works well. Thanks, Honey.
  • just saved me money on chocolate chip brownies 10/10
  • Never thought it would work because I live in Canada and then it worked. I love you guys. I wish I was American.
  • it works occassionally. rarely gives the "gold" cash back. I have yet to see a penny from its' own cash back scheme but it does find coupons across the web more often than not.
  • Love this saves me tons of money