2,448 reviews
  • Great, easy to use, money saving app! What more can anyone want!
  • Love this app, costs nothing, saves a lot of money and it automatically pops up on any site when you check out! It is a no brainer. GREAT
  • goes through the motions of applying a discount, however when at the checkout I pay full price as if the discount was never applied(with menulog), so the app is pointless and merely harvests my info, giving nothing back. Uninstalled.
  • Super app for gain money ^^
  • I liked it!!
  • it works!
  • It's easy to use, one click,
    It's has saved me about $1,000 so far.
    And I will still use it to save me more.
  • This is very helpful with my Shopping
  • Literally saved me 31$ on a steel supplements stack just from the click of a button. No reason to not install this cause every buck counts.
  • Amazing!