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  • I shop online frequently due to my busy work schedule. This extension has helped me save a lot, and I refuse to shop online without it. I only give it 4 stars because there is a bug where sometimes it doesn't work properly and i have to restart my computer.
  • cons: adds to page loading times, need to give them account info and shopping data

    pros: great database for discount codes and great tools for price following

    OVERALL: the pros outweigh the cons, its an essential tool to shop smarter online. Use it!
  • Has Saved Me lots of $$$
  • I LOVE Honey!! Truly!! I can't tell you how much I've saved in online shopping for my fav sites! Highly recommend!!
  • I just purchased some flyers from an online printing service and before I could hit the ORDER NOW button Honey popped up and saved me $112 off my order. Sweet. Thanks Honey.
  • really helps to save money
  • Great as usual. Always saving me money.. What's to complain about. Keep it up Honey, I love U. p.S. I know U R not a real person when I said I love U. ha ha or lol
  • Just a few clicks and I was SAVING MONEY. What could be better than that?
  • While it saved me money twice, it lost me money twice too.

    It isn't always up to date, especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and its automatic behavior wiped out a much larger discount in one case.

    Mediocre at best.