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  • Love this service, saves me a lot of money!!!!
  • Very well done. Great app. Convenient. Good job.
  • ok
  • Wow, I just saved an additional 23% on a pair of great looking leather sandals, on top of a 50% discount already built in, by clicking on Honey so, Honey, I love you & my wife ISN'T jealous at all, hahaha!
  • i really enjoy saving money. Honey saves me a couple dollars here and there and it adds up. Love It .Thank You.
  • OMG I love this!!! I love how it notifies me while i am shopping that it has a coupon available!! I just had one for $10 off an order. Love LOVE
  • Love it help me save a lot of money
  • I love honey for the most part. They do help with coupons and massive bargain finding but lately I have noticed that it takes FOREVER to get your points. I use honey for everything I do on the net but recently I was wondering why I wasn't getting my points. When I looked it up it states it waits on the vendor (the one you purchase from) to verify that you actually bought something and that you didn't return it. Ultimately the vendor decides when you get your points which really sucks. I have points that are a month and a half old that is waiting on the final approval from the vendor. That isn't fair. You pretty much know quite quickly if something is going to be returned so why do I have to wait so long to get my points. I want to recommend Honey as I do love the concept but I am getting very dismayed that at this point I have over 1400 points that are almost two months old to get the final approval for. I mean if you want your points pretty quickly Honey for me is becoming a no go. Otherwise I love everything else just wished they would change their policy on this.