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  • Works well for me!
  • Love my Honey. It's indispensable for use on Amazon, but just used it to save on an Office Depot print order too.
    If adding it slows your browser, uninstall until you need it again. I have an old laptop and I'm giving this add-on another chance.
  • Beautiful app that helps up save money. I always use it whilst shopping for games Interior Design amenities Clothes and much more thanks Honey for saving us money
  • How in the world would I know. I just loaded it and have not used it yet. I do not see an "h" on my Firefox browser in the upper right corner. This whole download is so vague.
  • Love this service, saves me a lot of money!!!!
  • Very well done. Great app. Convenient. Good job.
  • ok
  • Wow, I just saved an additional 23% on a pair of great looking leather sandals, on top of a 50% discount already built in, by clicking on Honey so, Honey, I love you & my wife ISN'T jealous at all, hahaha!