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  • Besides showing me the best price or price history, the coupon code finder is awesome. How many times have you tried coupon codes that don't work. You go through several before you can find something that applies. Honey does it all for you. It cycles through every coupon code and finds the best one in a matter of a minute.
  • Decided to take it onto UK Amazon to see if there were bargains to be had, came up with nothing.
    Tried another e-store I use, bupkis.

    Someone might get benefit out of this; but all I got out of it was allowing Facebook and Google to share my personal info with yet another random business.
  • amazing
  • I sometimes forget to check for discount codes while online shopping but Honey always comes through even when I forget.
  • Honey LIES about refunds
    Honey said would send gift card within 24 hours, 3 weeks later, still no gift card
  • So far, so good. There may not always be a discount that can be applied, but it will try.
  • Thanks to honey I am able to save little bit of money every time I purchase some classes online.

    Thank you honey! :* :D