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  • Beautiful app that helps up save money. I always use it whilst shopping for games Interior Design amenities Clothes and much more thanks Honey for saving us money
  • How in the world would I know. I just loaded it and have not used it yet. I do not see an "h" on my Firefox browser in the upper right corner. This whole download is so vague.
  • Love this service, saves me a lot of money!!!!
  • Very well done. Great app. Convenient. Good job.
  • ok
  • Wow, I just saved an additional 23% on a pair of great looking leather sandals, on top of a 50% discount already built in, by clicking on Honey so, Honey, I love you & my wife ISN'T jealous at all, hahaha!
  • i really enjoy saving money. Honey saves me a couple dollars here and there and it adds up. Love It .Thank You.
  • OMG I love this!!! I love how it notifies me while i am shopping that it has a coupon available!! I just had one for $10 off an order. Love LOVE
  • Love it help me save a lot of money