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  • Honey works in almost every store I shop online in.
  • i love this app works well for all my shopping needs thanks so much..xo
  • O M G !!. Honey has saved me SO much $$. Honey finds coupons and discounts that I have ZERO idea they were even there. I'm so glad I found this utility even though it was an accident. Honey needs to advertise more so others can share in my good fortune! Thank you my Honey! (That's what HE said).
  • After every Youtuber I subscribe to advertised this, I broke down and got the add-on.

    And let's just say I'm glad I did. Race cars aren't cheap haha
  • I love Honey. Not only does it save you money, it also accumulates money for you to cash in!
  • All OK !!!
  • Honey is intuitive and works on a lot of different websites.
  • Hey it might be tracking your purchases but I don't care Ive saved probably $150-$200