751 reviews for this add-on
  • Love this extension. Saves me money and looks for ways to save money without having to do the work myself. Saved me over $100 on auto parts. :)
  • Absolutely amazing add-on. It is completely free and will save you a dollar here and there to say the least. Maybe you'll get lucky and save double digits on your big orders one day, you'll never know until you install it! Happy shopping!
  • Great add-on! Has probably saved me at least a few dozen bucks or so in the past few months I've used it. The coupon codes only work 10% of the time, but that's fine, because when they do work that's great! The other features of the add-on are also useful, such as the price history chart and the "best deal" button which can scour a little over Amazon for identical items listed under lower prices.
  • actually works! extremely surprised! great seamless takes a second before checkout!
  • This extension does not work for me. The only online shopping I do is with eBay, and there are *never* any codes for eBay, and even the 0.5% return thing it offers for eBay never works because all of my purchases are always excluded. This extension might be of some value to some people, but certainly not for me.

    Also, I do not like that it is constantly watching what sites we visit, even in privacy mode, and phoning home with that information to see if there's a code for the site. That's a huge privacy leak.
  • Amazing extension. Saves me so much money. Thank you Honey!
  • 1/1
  • Simple to use and nearly always a savings to my purchases.
  • UNBELIEVABLE!!! Every time I check out, Honey swoops in and checks for coupon codes--I almost invariably save money. Love it!!!
  • Honey makes me feel confident that I'm getting the best price.
  • Honey has one job, and I found it couldn't do it at all. The entire time I had it installed it found 0 coupon codes that would work for whatever I was purchasing.

    Today when making a purchase at a pretty well know retailer I tried Honey yet again only to have it tell me there were 0 coupons/codes out of 14 it found, that would work for me. This didn't seem right as I know this retailer loves coupon codes, specifically for free shipping so I google 'said-retailer coupon codes' and the first website, your standard coupon code farming site (loaded with ads and trackers of course-thank goodness for all the blockers), had on the first entry a 20% off the entire site code, that worked.

    The most interesting part of this is that this code did flash on the Honey extension when I tried to use it initially (as it was 'trying codes'), so why wasn't it applied? Why did Honey say it had used it and it didn't effect the price outcome but when I manually entered it it worked correctly? I don't know how this extension is getting such great reviews. I've had this extension installed for almost 3 months now with it doing nothing for me and I shop online A LOT. I'm now wondering how many discounts I could have found myself just with google, instead of trusting this extension to look for me.
  • Removed it pronto. While I might pay a site money to not see ads, I will never accept ads for "pretended" savings.

    While Honey merely pretend to help save me money on some sites I often used, what it absolutely did do was to slow down the firefox browser startup, and locked it up for as much as 60 seconds each time.

    Then they went on to abuse the website by injecting its own adds into website web pages for me to see instead of the websites own adds. Very sneaky of you. First you deny a website of its own source of revenue and then you replace it with your own revenue stream? It that how this works? Even when I may have paid that site to *not* see advertisements, I still got them from you. Turned you off, funny thing, no more ads.
  • Saved 6€ on a case, 2€ on sheet music and collectively got like 10€ cashback on g2a. This app is awesome
  • Loving this so much! It is so easy to get discounts. Just click a button and it reviews so many coupons and codes and applies them for you.
  • I love Honey, finds me discounts automatically!
  • works...
  • Makes it easy to save.
  • Switching from Chrome, the only extension that didn't set up correctly. Guess I'll set up as a new account, annoying, but saves money.
  • I love Honey for value they provide. They have save me a lot every time I've shopped.
  • This is awesome for shopping on line. It finds coupons while your shopping and prepares them for you to check out. A penny saved is a penny earned as old en used to say!
  • getting better than when I first started using.
  • saved me $$
  • I saved $12. on top of a big sale! Thanks, Honey!
  • It takes care of the promo or coupon hunting and I don't have to. I love that Honey looks out for
    my purchasing $$$