Rated 2 out of 5 stars

The documentation here could use a bit of work. There is no Options --> Home Page 2 in my tools menu. In fact, I can't see anything at all in my tools menu that wasn't there before I installed this add-on.

After a bit of searching, however, I *did* finally find a way to set the preference for the double-click behavior in Edit --> Preferences. It was sheer luck that I found it. On a busier day, I would have just uninstalled this add-on and been on my way. So, you know. The documentation really could be better. And I don't think that it ever hurts to use the Add Ons --> Preferences button for this purpose. It is the first place most people think to look, and it's often a little disquieting when there is nothing there.

Once I'd finally figured out how to set that second home page, this add-on did work for me. However, it was disturbingly slow. I mean, *really* slow. Nor was this a problem on the target's end: as a test, I'd set the second home page to point to an html file on my hard drive. This is a page that normally takes about a second to load. Through this add-on, it took a looooooong time.

So all in all, I'm not very impressed. It is a cute idea, but the implementation seems a bit lacking.