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  • Pretty useless tried it on Firefox and Chromium but fails to load....Hola is not available right now but we're working on it...sure!
  • 在中国无法使用,一直再初始化中
  • NIce!!!
  • They said it is free, but you cannot select proxy server in other country without payment.
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  • Didn't work for me. Tried to watch a video on the Italian on demand site Rai Play from the UK with (presumably, so they claim) an Italian IP address but the same "this content is unavailable in your country" notice came up. So, waste of time for me.
  • Работает корректно, но сервер слетает чаще чем я бы этого хотел. На ведре всё работает стабильно.
  • Used to be free, still claims to be free, but get prompted with subscription bs when trying to enable VPN =/
  • Doesn't actually work when trying to use Netflix, it detects it as a proxy
  • 百度網盤有效,很好用
  • Funcional até bem, mas ele começou a travar o meu navegador.
    Sem contar que ele não funciona bem quando a janela está no modo privado.