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  • an excellent VPN when it works! but for last 2 weeks it is not working at all in FF but still works in other browsers! Think it might have something to do with Mozilla after last update not accepting extension signature.
  • Daje rade
  • es perfecta
  • Very nice, I found it on 2 browsers, Chrome and FireFox! Thanks for the developer/s who got this thought!
  • A big waste of time. Doesnot work at all, I've binned it and now I am running an anti walware software just to make sure... it feels very dodgy..
  • Brilliant extension, now i can access south park studios easily without the need of a VPN. Fantastic!
  • its amazing!now i can easily browse my favorite sites through Hola unblocker.now,i use it evertime i browse internet.
  • This is perfect for the types of users who wants to access websites that are blocked/unavailable for their country, or sometimes for those who just want to remain anonymous. The intuitive buttons create everything more user-friendly. Highly recommended, 11/10.
  • This is just the kind of add-on I've been looking for! A lot of sites I've tried to access before have been blocked as they are US based and I'm from the UK but with Hola Unblocker I can surf them with no problems at all. I definitely recommend it!
  • This is a great add-on that installs quickly and cleanly. As a UK resident, I’ve been frustrated about being unable to watch Hulu. I’ve just tested it out and the content streams perfectly. Highly recommended.
  • Hola allows me to go to previously blocked websites! Now I can browse Facebook freely :D
  • Hola is a good add on for the firefox and it redirects to the page more faster
  • Hola was too good.All the important sites that had been blocked before are free now and even more faster
  • It's better than i imagined.All the important sites that were blocked are now free and working even faster.I advice everyone to try it once.
  • Hola has helped to access the more browsing sits and great experience in browsing. really fast...
  • It's requesting to upgrade to the new version, which is only available from their website and is therefore not reviewed by Mozilla.

    Sorry, not with me.
  • best add ons ever for me as Indonesian, our minister of telecomunication and information has blocked a lot of useful site, like reddit, vimeo ,etc. Thanks to Hola.!