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  • HEY !!!!! I put 5 Stars because it's a wonderfull app. BUT
    Is there anyone there yet ?
    Since Firefox 15, I just update the max.version in the XPI file and boom !
    Hit a Hint works !

    BUT NOW it tells me that it needs to wait till 45 something...

    I NEED this APP !
    READ MY LIPS !!! (hu... well...) I NEED THIS APP !
    Now I need to take the damn mouse to go to the damn Submit button, where I only need to hit TAB one shot then SPACE and I got my numbers.
    thanks !!!
  • For Vim lovers, there's also Vimperator.

  • You can find a version for Firefox 3 here:


    and you can also see the LoL extension which is more actively maintained:


    This is a wonderful extension, but the biggest problem for me, under OS X with Firefox 3, is that I can no longer use it to open tabs. This was working great under Firefox 2.
  • When FireGestures add-on is activated, Hit a Hint add-on couldn't open links.
  • If you're willing to edit install.rdf, you can use this extension in FF 3 (change maxVersion). Couldn't live without it and glad to find I could still use it.
  • This is a great extension and it makes for excellent, comfortable, mouseless browsing (especially after resetting the magic keys to around home row).

    Things that would make it great would be to reassign the trigger key (e.g. to right-alt). Also, I think there is a bug (?), it looks like it is inserting an html tag into some form textboxes / rich text editors: hints id="hah_hints". You can see this by going to the FCKEditor page and their demo page, then clicking the "source" button in the toolbar. Really not cool to have these extraneous tags for CMS stuff.

    Aside from that, this is a super-awesome extension, thanks for making it!
  • You actually can change all the hotkeys if you open up the xpi, and the overlay.jar file inside.

    Modify the overlay.xui file; inside it's pretty self explanatory (there are actually more hotkeys to choose from but they are useless).

    just note... the 'accel' key = ctrl
  • One of THE most useful add-ons I have (I've got more than 50 installed). But it just HAS to be updated for FF3.
  • Wonderful plugin but needs an incredible amount of work to be useful:

    1) document and help are non-existent. plugin description doesn't describe at all what the plugin does. It's really hard to see what the plugin is doing from the image. The screenshot doesn't show at all what the plugin does and you have to guess from the main logo. The preferences are very nice but don't tell you which key activates the plugin. I had to scour the reviews for someone who said "the spacebar isn't a good activation key" to realize that the spacebar was what triggered the plugin.

    2) spacebar is not a good choice of activation key (you might be typing in a form or something); better to let the user decide which shortcut to use, and it should default to alt-XXX where XXX is some unused keyboard shortcut
  • The idea is excellent ! For my use it causes some problems when using forms so have to switch back to mouse ...
  • I have installed it with disabling the compatible check.
    Everything works right beside that the links aren't followed and they get only marked.
  • Many thanks Bhagwad for the tip for FF3 compatibility - that was really easy and works perfectly.
  • Many thanks Bhagwad for the tip for FF3 compatibility - that was really easy and works perfectly.
  • This gentleman has kindly provided a modified version that works with FF3.


    Scroll down for the download link.
  • Firefox's most indispensable add-on (for anyone beyond the juvenile mouse stage). Firefox 3 is worthless without it. Please make a compatible version.
  • Very useful for keyboard lovers.
  • To make HaH work with FF3, 1. change the value of maxVersion from 2.0 to 3.0
    i.e, maxVersion="3.0"

    2. Open the .xpi file using FF3, to install HaH.

    This was suggested by sukhoy-isu
  • A quick update of the target application range in the install.rdf makes this work on ff3 betas!

    I'm wondering why this is not done by the author, the update is trivial!
  • I can't upgrade to Firefox 3 yet, because I can't live without Hit-a-Hint! The browser feels broken without it.
    Please adapt it to FF3.
  • Stopped working for me.
  • the sort of simple, elegant innovation that can change a life ;)
  • Brilliant. Most important advance in browsing as far as I am concerned.

    I am embarrased to ask- slightly- but would you write this for Opera. The add-on is that important.

  • This is certainly better than anything else out there if you want keyboard browsing, but it still has a few bugs which hopefully will be ironed out by v1.0. You definately need to install keyconfig and change the keybindings as the default ones are rather annoying.
  • I like this extension, but it did not offer the option to restart using the button in the addons window. This would have allowed me to keep my session instead of losing it after doing a normal quit.
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