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Version 2.10 48.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 56.*

  • More re-architecting: uses less CPU, less memory, and fewer disk-accesses. Efficiency will be most noticeable at firefox startup, for users with multiple firefox windows open, and for users with large number of items in the browser history.
  • Chinese translations updated.
  • Works around a bug in Firefox 3.6 that interacted with this extension to gobble CPU.
  • Fixed a bug that made blank entries in the history menu under certain circumstances.
  • Added checks to ensure the extension redraws menus when the user changes how many days of history they want firefox to retain.
  • Now cleans up all event listeners the extension creates.

Version 2.08 51.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a1pre

This version completes work to remove redirects from the history menus for users of Firefox 3.6 and above. (for example if the user types amazon.com in the URL bar, and that redirects to www.amazon.com, only www.amazon.com will show up in the history).

Version 2.07 51.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 3.7a1pre

This version fixes some bugs in reading preferences, including the bug pointed out in reviews, where the user cannot set submenus to maximum. The translations for two locales were also updated.

Version 2.04 41.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 3.6.*

Fixed two bugs from version 2.0.3, including one that was inserting inaccurate web page names in the main menu.

Version 2.03 39.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 3.6.*

Firefox 3.6 compatibility changes
First attempt at removing "redirect" web pages from the menus in firefox 3.6 or newer
Some generic code cleanup

Version 2.01 39.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 3.5.*

* Adds a preference to change submenu labels between actual date and "days ago" formats.
* Code now updates menus when user is not using the history menu... so it should seem more responsive.
* If the extension still feels slow on your machine, there is now an option to TURN OFF FAVICON use in the history menus. This makes the history menu draw itself MUCH faster.

Version 1.35 38.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0.11 - 3.5.*

The extension now rewrites menus when user does "Forget this site" in the history sidebar or "Clear recent history" for a time period shorter than "everything".

Version 1.34 38.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0.11 - 3.0.*

Fixes problems with some non-English language support

Version 1.33 36.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0.11 - 3.0.*

* Updated for firefox 3.5 the code that determines internationalized "days ago" text
* Updated code to accommodate "Recently Closed Windows" menu that will appear in firefox 3.5
* More robust code for clearing submenus when user clears private data
* Some additional and updated internationalization strings

Version 1.32 33.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0.11 - 3.1b3

Fixed a bug regarding "show duplicate visits" and added more internationalization to extension

Version 1.31 25.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0.11 - 3.1b3pre

Added three more natural language localizations

Version 1.3 23.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0.11 - 3.0.*

Cleaner code to empty menus when user deletes their browsing history.
Queries to firefox history system now more efficient for toplevel menu.
Web pages without titles now show up as the URL name, rather than blank.
The extension now has better compatability with "open in new tab" functionality of the Tab Mix Plus extension and other extensions that alter how the history menu works.
Added translation Chinese/Traditional.
Many thanks to Merci Chao for providing fixes, translation, and coding suggestions.

Version 1.2 22.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0.11 - 3.0.*

Bug fix: items in toplevel menu weren't working

Version 1.1 23.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0.11 - 3.0.*

Internationalization put back in for 14 languages.
No longer has an "older than x days" menu, due to new default # of days of history in Firefox-3.

Version 1.01 19.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.0a1

Bug fix... fixed interaction with Tab Menu Plus/open history item in a new tab.

Version 1.00 19.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.0a1

1. Reworked preferences window: including adding preference for "recently closed tabs" and adding support for 10 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portugese, Russian, and Spanish)

2. Optimized code for 'Today' submenu... should speed it up significantly for people with large history.

Version 0.55 16.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.0a1

Significant change to how the extension inserts its submenus. This fixes all reported bugs and should make the extension co-exist better with other menu-altering extensions. Also, empty submenus are ghosted (disabled) even if the user's preference asks for these to be shown.

Version 0.50 10.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 3.0a1

Allows user to customize how many days of submenus are shown, and other details of the extension's behavior.
This version compatible with Firefox version 2 only. Get extension version 0.4x for earlier versions of firefox.

Version 0.44 8.0 KiB Works with Firefox 0.8 - 1.5.0.*

Updated to allow installation on Firefox 1.5

Version 0.43 6.0 KiB Works with Firefox 0.8 - 1.0+

Bug fixes. Internationalized submenu names. More accurate ordering of today's website visits. Firefox 1.1 Alpha compatible.

Version 0.3 5.0 KiB Works with Firefox 0.8 - 1.0+

Appears not to work on Windows ME. Tested and working on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows XP.