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Thanks for the heads up, CSHander.

Is is really sad to hear that Jason Sonnenschein has passed away :(


Atherworld, unfortunately after I make the change you suggested to the XPI file, I get a "corrupt file" message when I try to install it.

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Any chance we'll see this updated for FF 5?
And have it working on Macs, as well?

I really miss this plugin. Whatever happened to Jason Sonnenschein?

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Thanks for posting the link.
Unfortunately, the 2.11 version does not work on Macs. I hope this great add-on gets updated soon.

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Any news on the 4.x-compatible update?

Some of us are desperate here.... :)

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This extension is the reason why I am using Firefox.

I don't understand why nobody but Safari uses this type of History -- without it, I am lost.

I hope this gets updated for Firefox 4. (Please, please!)

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This is one of the top 3 must-have plugins for Firefox. The hierarchical History of Safari is what I really missed in Firefox, and now I have it back :) Thanks you!

P.S. Where did the Beta 2.02 disappear? It's working great on one Mac 10.6.1 and one Windows 7 setup with Firefox 3.6b1 I have, and I was just trying to install it on a second Mac.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.01). 

There was a bug in 2.02 for non-English versions of firefox 3.6. I'm testing a replacement now and will submit it to AMO when I'm sure it's fixed, but please be patient, the submission process usually takes a few weeks.