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  • Has this add-on been abandoned?!? It has worked great in the past, but it doesn't seem it's going to be updated for Firefox 4...Bummer.

    I don't see any reason anyone should send any further donations if there's not going to be an update.
  • Will this come for Firefox 4? Hope yes.
  • This add-on is something rather basic. Every FireFox user should have it to keep his history nicely organized. Perhaps they should integrate it into the program? I think that's saying enough about how essential it is. ;^)

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work with FireFox version 4.0b4... yet.
    Hope you'll take care of it sometime soon and many thanks in advance.
  • absolutely fantastic addon. thanks.
  • Very nice extension. I do have one suggestion: It would be nice if the user had the ability to right-click on an item in any of the submenus and bring up the following context menu, identical to what appears when right-clicking on items in the History sidebar: Open, Open in New Window, Open in New Tab, Bookmark, Copy and Delete. Right now, at least in my experience, when you right-click on an item, it opens the same context menu you get by right-clicking on the menu bar - e.g., among others, Menu Bar, Navigation Toolbar, Bookmarks Toolbar and Customize. I don't think this was intended, but it is currently the result.
    Hi cmg,

    I think there's an extension that adds this capability to the history menu and it works fine with history submenus. I had to debug their interaction a few years ago, but the name escapes me. It _might_ have been this one https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/710
  • What settings are needed in Tools > Options > Privacy > History for this add-on to work, or does it override Options settings?
    If I have History > Keep my history for 2 days. for example, does History Submenus keep it for 2 days or longer?
    And if I clear my private data, will all history be deleted, or does History Submenus override this?
    An example is probably the easiest way to explain... If you tell firefox to save 2 days of history and you tell history submenus that you want 7 submenus, what you'll get is 2 submenus filled in with history and 5 blank ones (that will be hidden if you ask for hidden empty menus in the preferences)

    Another way to put it is this. History Submenus gets its data from firefox's history system. If the history system only keeps two days' data, then that's all that History submenus gets when it queries firefox. Keep in mind... I think you're looking at the wrong preferences setting. "Tools > Options > Privacy" only lets you set the minimum number of days of history that firefox keeps. To set the maximum, you'll need to change the setting browser. history_expire_days. You can see the page http://kb.mozillazine.org/Firefox_:_FAQs_:_About:config_Entries to read more about it.

    The extension is notified by firefox when the user deletes history entries, and redraws all menus at that time (so yes... if you delete some history entries, they will also disappear from history submenus). And along the same lines, firefox does not notify the extension of any page visits while the user is in private browsing mode... so History submenus won't list any of these visits.
  • Very usefull. A must have for me.
  • Very usefull addon - a must for me.
  • I'm using this more and more. It's so much more efficient than undo closed tabs and easier than the general history function. I wasn't sure about this one but it's become night unto indispensibel for me. Recommended!
  • This is a nice app but can you override the ctrl-h functionality to bring back the history by day feature?
  • This is a nice app but can you override the ctrl-h functionality to bring back the history by day feature?
  • What's the point? The History function already does that. Ctrl+H View/By Date and Site.
  • Jason, I do not see the most recent app update. Is there a way you can pulblish it online somewhere outside AMO ? If this is going to take long just put it outside. Thanks.
  • Great. If I want to go on something from yesterday, I can!
    Thank you!
  • Its so good. i have a sister that always go's on my computer. And i always wonder what she does. know i can find out quick and easy. :)
  • I used to be a safari user. I like to view history in the drop-off menu. The original history menu in firefox is really humble... Thanks for making this add-on, which just changed how the history submenu looks like in ff.
  • This is a pearler. Should be built in. Thanks
  • It works only in history menu. But it doesn't work in history sidebar and bookmarks manager.
  • nevermind, guess there was an menu option for it all along! haha
  • i like it! changed

    extensions.historysubmenus.topItems user set integer 8

    from 8 to zero to remove redundant clutter
  • I like the concept, but the layout / browser-integration did not impress me much. The options dialog showed a xml-parsing error, so I could not fully check the funtionality of this add-on..
    Hello folks. PLEASE, PLEASE report bugs to me via email, rather than dropping a review about a bug and walking away. It will help you and others using the extension if you report a bug and I can resolve it for you. Reviews are a place for rating the extension, not for getting bugs fixed.
  • This is a must have. Simple, functional and efficient.
  • прекрасный браузер! один из лучших!!!!
  • I need to downgrade my rating from five to four stars--it just hangs for 3-5 seconds too often (1/4-1/3 of the time?). Get rid of that bug and you'll be golden.
    There was a significant rewrite done in version 2.01. The 2.x extensions should be faster, and if you want it yet more speedy, try turning off use of favicons in the options panel in 2.x versions or try reducing the number of days of history that firefox is allowed to keep. It's usually set to 90.
  • very nice, would like to see one similar to this but with the ff2 history function of sorting the history each day by website as well.