Just what I needed -TODAY! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great. Just what I was looking for. I use my history all the time. I need it organized by day. Firefox Library gives Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, then by month. Very frustrating. This is a solution Also nice to be able to choose how I want to see the day and month formatted. Nice touch.
.I was initially disappointed to see that the actual Library History was not modified by this add-on, only the scrolldown menu from the history tab in the menu bar. But it is really good for quick access.
I did discover that I can put a date column in the Library history, so that I can scroll through 7days, month etc, and find items that way.
I would love it though, if you could make your add-on modify the actual Library history. Then I can see the entire URL and date when I need to, but have it all organized better, by your add-on!!! 5 stars for what it is + the feature request,
Thanx for all the hard work!!!
-By the way, I'm using it in FF 21 and it's working fine.

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