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  • Hi, i don't know if you can fix it since you know a bit about the history structure on firefox..
    the addon noun biuttons stopped functioning because its xul based since firefox 29

    i'm actually on ff44.0.2, the only one supporting all my addons, will not upgrade to loose all those contributtors addons functionalities.

    the actual issue: noun buttons used to show ONLY the back history browsed left clicking on the left button, & ONLY
    the forward history left clicking the right forward button..

    it would be nice if you could create an addon to revert to the previous unconfusing display of history dropdownmenu for back/forward buttons after australis arrived..
  • History Button works very well with Pale Moon 25.4.1 - no missing icon - and it is also excellently complemented by the add-on "History Submenus II" which provides an option to increase the number of items displayed in the drop-down menu, and the drop-down menu also shows History Submenus' additional submenus (which otherwise aren't visible with just the history sidebar).

    The only thing that doesn't seem to be working is the "Show in Sidebar" link (in the drop-down menu) that should basically open the history sidebar - but that's something I can totally live without.
  • Same as other reviewers: I installed it, I got the button, functionalities and all that, but the button itself is blank, without an icon.
  • Nice but no need for this add-on any more. now I click on the history button that's came with FF and I got a list same if this add-on was installed.
  • A big and great effort done by this addon. And congratulation!

    So sad about History Button is being discontinued. Finally this addon functionality built-in with Firefox 29.
  • This addon would be perfect if it played well with Australis. It's both missing an icon and is too large to work properly in the new Firefox Menu. If you could fix it to have a new icon and restrict its size to the same as the other Australis buttons, I would love to use this addon.

    Unfortunately, the fact that I can't use it makes me drop two stars, even though I support the idea. Fix this, and I will change it to five stars.
  • A big relief in Firefox 29, in simply viewing history
  • Very useful add-on but seems to have issues with FF23.01.

    The button keeps disappearing from the toolbar and has to be manually restored.
  • Perfect.
  • Works great, it should be implemented as a part of FF.
  • Works great! Using it for a very long time until now. I hope that this add-on will keep suitability with future FF updates. Thanks.
  • The missing button in firefox! Work flawlessly.

    3 stars that would be 5 if the button will stay where I put it. It keep going to the right of the bar at every restart, where I don't want it to stay!
    Hope the devloper could FIX this soon, many users are complaining about this weird behaviour!
  • We all had been wanting the simple button back and everything should be hunky-dory right? Wrong! The earlier reviews jumped the gun.

    1. It doesn't work on Palemoon. Since tons of people are fleeing Failfox this is more important than it seems at first glance.
    1a. The minimum version # is set too low. As Mozilla insists on their rabid-release policy that will mean the version #s will grow increasingly apart as PM only increases at a sensible pace while Mozilla poops out one inflated version every 5 minutes... Countless developers are making this simple mistake and unless there is a fundamental reason the version numbers need to go all the way back to 3.6 for the people who are sticking with the competent 3.6 and refusing to downgrade.
    1a.1. I was able to install it in Freezefox, edit the minimum version #, copy the edited file into a folder and then manually install it into PM. For anyone but a hardcore techie that is preposterous to even think about burdening them with.

    2. The icon stubbornly insists on relocating after every reset- and in places nowhere near where history should be. That alone is an instant DQ! A fundamental problem in the tech industry is we need to stop thinking like techies and always ask if it can pass the granny test. If it can't- back to the drawingboard!

    3. The icon stubbornly refuses to adjust to themes. Again, the public hates the new style minimalist( just like the rest of Mozilla's obsession with dumbing-down and ruining the UI) icons this one wont allow itself to change( IMO 3.6 style is best.) The description did say it didn't play well with themes but a few obvious choices would be in order and simple to code.

    4. Customer support sucks. The developer's page essentially says that he wont respond without a donation. Many of us are up against the wall ourselves- I find myself working 80-100 hours a week- usually for free developing my own tech-startup and I know what it is like. However, excellence should come first. Then the $$$$ will flow- not the other way around.

    Developer response

    I hope you enjoyed your rant.
  • Does exactly what you'd expect. Fantastic for users with huge histories that make opening the sidebar very slow, and intuitively the same as the bookmark menu button. Bug 734697 requests incorporating this by default.

  • Works great, but it pisses me to have to install an addon for this...
  • Perfection!
  • Brilliant!!! I lost my history button and now I have it back AND it works with the History Submenus add-on AND it is the same size as the others!

    Now I am super happy

    Thank you
  • Vista-U_SP /32
    Palemoon 8.0 Firefox + Windows)

    Why..?..Does Mozilla continue to believe that User of this great web Browser..Want to clutter thier web page viewing Area...
    By opening history column (Left side) as Default and removing the "drop down" history Nav Button completely..

    Thanks for restoring this button ...

    Great Job...
  • it does not work with History Submenus
  • This extension is useful, and it is what I want except that the button won't stay where I put it. It keeps going back to where the developer thinks it belongs and that's not where I think it belongs. Ginger commented on this earlier.

    Developer response

    Actually that's not up to me, there's no reliable* way for restartless addons to keep toolbar buttons in the right place, so it's make a guess. Out of interest, where are you putting it? Send me an email and I'll see if I can get it fixed.

    (*apparently, although it works fine on my toolbar)
  • Can you make a Right click for "Recently Closed Tabs" list on the History Button,thx~
  • Not working for me with Firefox 5. History button does not appear in the customise options. There is the standard history button, but has no drop down menu. Worked fine with older versions.

    Developer response

    Yes, it's broken, but I think I've fixed it. Look out for the next version once it's reviewed.
  • doesn't work on the mac, default theme, no button is visible and nothing happens...
    no button appears on the customize toolbar pane either...

    Developer response

    Okay, I think I've fixed it. Look out for the next version once it's reviewed.
  • The button simplifies the navigation bar but likes to stay on the very right end not matter where I place it.
  • Thanks!

    An oddity with the new FF-4 behavior: The default History icon only opens the actual history bar, instead of the menu; while the current Bookmarks button does open the bookmarks menu.
    This extension adds consistency to the buttons.

    Good job.
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