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  • So great, useful and so simple

    Thank you dev !!!
  • Does not support regex.
  • Works great though I wish there was an option to delete older history entries from before the addon was installed and if there was an option to only delete on exit instead of in realtime (I want to have the pages available while I'm in the browser but then deleted when I close it).
  • Дополнение обновлялось давно, но работает отлично. Может чистить историю посещении определённых сайтов, либо всю историю древнее определённого срока.
  • very good think about to clear the history compliedet
  • It's possible made password protection to settings of this extension? Thank you
  • Fixed Discord adding a history entry for every server or channel switch.
  • Hanged my browser three tabs in a row.
    Then I found out it cleared out my whole brwosing history before I even add a single word to the list.
    Would not recommend.
  • Very promissing but until it gets a WhiteList mode and get on a diet i'll be using History Zebra. ;)

    Will still check from time to time. Great work until now... keep up with it :)
  • It just doesn't work.
  • perfect, just works
  • almost perfect, please add whitelist option
    thanks Your work
  • How do I delete old cookies as well?
    How to delete cookies old?
    Please insert this function for delete cookies old!
    I like the expression *.* To delete history older than 60 days.
  • Exactly what I was looking for
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