Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Really good extension, the only one of its kind if I'm not wrong. However I found one problem and have a suggestion:

- Problem: Using FF 24.0a1 32-bit for windows, I've found that when there's tabs overflow in the tab bar (tabs scroll buttons), and I hide one of the pinned tabs, the tab scroll area (tab browser) don't reclaim the spare space the pinned hidden tab left behind.

- Suggestion: I see the extension uses a [style="diplay: none;"] attribute on hidden tabs DOM nodes, and that's the only way to select them in CSS; also the hidding method used makes CSS unable to apply certain rules to them.
I suggest you to add an optional working mode that makes hidden tabs manageable through CSS, I suggest the hidding method may be "visibility: collapse;", at least that's what I've succesfully used here http://userstyles.org/styles/86347/tab-bar-buttons-elements for my purposes; I also suggest to add an attribute for that mode to allow hidden tabs selection in a node high in the DOM tree, may be"#main-window[hiddentab]" or "#main-window[hiddentab="true"]" or something similar, and perhaps also another similar one for each of the hidden tabs nodes themselves, but I think the former would be clearly more useful.

Thanks in advance. Gracias.