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  • Help!! New user Win & with a twichy touch pad. I have tried to DELETE the saved tab sited on the browers bar (amazing bar) and when I click delete this bookmark the box closes. If I go to done first and click it closes. I can't get rid of anything saved under unsorted bookmarks on the browser. katesisco@yahoo.com
  • This was a great addon but due to updates in firefox 3.5 it is not rendered useless as firefox now has included this service,,, which is what the site tries to inform you when it opens and even informs you on how to hide unvisited bookmarks from the address bar by going to tools>options>privacy>location bar, then changing it to "history" only.

    A once great addon that helped us when we updated from 2 to 3, thanks for the addon!
  • Handy addon used it since it first came out (when firefox changed the address bar in v3), just updated computer and reinstall all the products still handy plugin and it doesnt seem to have added an unwanted additional homepage for myself.
  • Why isn't this fuctionality built in in Firefox???
  • I loved this add on, but the recent version appears to add an unwanted additional homepage... This is unfortunate.
  • For mdub68, Safari does still have Refresh and Stop Loading features. They are at the end of the URL bar. Don't forget the hotkeys that work in both Safari and Firefox for these features - Command-R and Escape, respectively.

    Also, Hide Unvisited did install in Firefox 3.0.10 on MacOS v10.5.7 for me, with only a Firefox restart.
  • I heard from so many people that Firefox was an 'awesome' browser, but when I installed it I was faced with the Awesome bar, which exposed sensitive bookmarks to visitors on my computer (and potentially to Mozillla Corporation). As I am a private person, I was not happy about this at all so I went back to using Safari.

    However, the new Safari 4 has crushed my belief in almighty Apple (it has eliminated the 'stop loading' and 'refresh' buttons, and it blocks users from saving free movie clips from the internet, even if the site allows you do do this, as shown by Firefox) and so I tried Firefox again. Thanks to this add-on, I am in the Firefox camp and look forward to Firefox 3.5, which will include the feature to remove bookmarks from the Awesome bar.

    As a Mac user, I needed to restart my computer to get the add-on to start working. Restarting Firefox alone did not do the job.
  • Great :)
    I just wish I had found this before the faulty clear history got me a divorce :(
  • This is great. Some of us have bookmarks that we don't wish the other people to see ;P
  • Good for hiding all my pr0n :p
  • well recommended...
    this is a VERY useful add-on. i hate seeing the bookmarks drop down on the adress bar. it bugs me so much!
  • It really works! great add on!
  • thanks!!! it works perfect.
  • Works as advertised.
  • No hide at Firefox3.09!!
  • 1st thx for this application, it worked for me.

    BUT why oh why is it needed?, Mozilla your thinking is backwards!

    If you havent thought out your "upgrades" then you cannot blast them out to the world without without taking the heat. The Awesome bar" is not at all awesome and not having included a removal tool is Mozillas worst mistake ever.
  • This little add-on works, I was annoyed that the "clear private data" option in Firefox did not clear the location bar despite ticking the box for it to do so and then I fell upon this add-on which does the trick. What Firefox are playing at, I don't know. Get it, you must have it.

  • Thank you harikaried for this Add-On !

    Thanks to the Mozilla Creators for the letting
    the next major release of the Mozilla Firefox
    giving users more control over the displayed
    information when typing in the location bar.

  • I'm writing mainly to express my displeasure with the "awsome" bar. It sucks, and I agree with all those who expressed their displeasure with Firefox's lack of concern for its users desires.

    I'm pleased that this addon exists, however it doesn't seem to work very well. My bookmarks keep showing up. They'll disappear for a while, but then suddenly they're back!

    I did the about:config fix, and I've installed Old Location Bar. I don't know if that works yet - fingers crossed.
  • Words cannot describe...
  • A must have add-on in my collection.
  • What about to include a option to hide something like www.* or all pages even visited pages,more options on it? keep up the good work.

  • it messed up my awesomebar , eventhough after I had to uninstall it. Please give me an advice . I want to take back my awesomebar , because the awesomebar works best with the enter select 4. thanks.
  • I can't believe my links were still there after clearing the history, and Firefox never fixed this. After months, I found this and it finally did the trick. I can still use the bar (good), but clearing the history now ACTUALLY clears it. I can use Firefox without being annoyed now!