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  • 很有用,稳定可靠。
  • Не запускается
    Спасибо за баг репорт, а что именно у вас не запускается?
  • Dopo pochi minuti dalla prima connessione, la connessione viene interrotta e viene richiesta una VPN a pagamento per proseguire
    Thanks for your report. Please read instruction first! There are free gateways which works without any premium access. The premium access is provided once per user. If you or someone else used it from the same PC during last 30 days, you can no longer have it. As simple as that

    Grazie per il tuo rapporto. Per favore leggi prima le istruzioni! Ci sono gateway gratuiti che funzionano senza alcun accesso premium. L'accesso premium è fornito una volta per utente. Se tu o qualcun altro l'hai usato dallo stesso PC negli ultimi 30 giorni, non puoi più averlo. Così semplice
  • 很不错
  • Works well, even on a free account.
  • Works really good, and its really easy to use too!
  • exelente
  • Works for me!
  • Very Good!

    The only reason this has got a 1 star from me is so that I can write this review...although it is fast.

    First of all let me give you some VERY IMPORTANT information that 'Hide My IP VPN' suspiciously neglected to mention? They keep logs and they will give your details/personal information (when told to, asked/demanded of) to the NSA and 5 other foreign member countries of the, '5 Eyes Surveillance Alliance'.
    Hide My IP is a VPN service that has been around since 2006. It is registered to My Privacy Tools, Inc., which is based out of the United States. They use “Smart DNS” instead of OpenVPN.
    Therefore it’s a Smart DNS Proxy and NOT a VPN!

    Companies' make use of disinformation, misleading tactics and lots of other just within the law practices. If you go to,
    https://thebestvpn.com/reviews/hide-my-ip-vpn/ and read the professional review of this (not so straight up add-on) you can make your own mind up about them!

    The entire point of anonymous web browsing is to browse the web anonymously and invisible to everyone. Not everyone except for your VPN provider!
    Thanks but it's not honest to use other top service provider to advertise your own. Plus write reviews your own to praise yourself and criticize others with fake reasons.

    We provide proxy service since 2005 (not 2006), we have no connection with company mentioned above with exception they stolen our project in past and published under their own name (justifications can be provided).

    Our service is a VPN, since unlike regular proxy you mentioned it ENCRYPTS traffic between you and server... please study how it works first. Nobody except server and you know what requests and what messages you are sending.

    Finally we do not store logs, with exception of traffic and amount of requests, so our service cannot be abused or used for spam =)
  • Very good
  • very good to use
  • quick easy fast brilliant
  • Super!
  • Simple easy works fine and free
  • luvt!
  • Solo permite probarlo durante un rato, al cerrar el navegador y volver a abrirlo, dice que hay que pagar para poder seguir utilizándolo.

    Thanks for the reply, I edit my comment.

    **To use for free, you need to click on Free.
    Gracias por su informe. Por favor, utilice las puertas de enlace gratuitas de por vida. Están en la parte superior de la lista marcada con la palabra clave FREE =) La versión de prueba premium se proporciona solo UNA VEZ por usuario.

    Thanks for your report. Please use free for life time gateways. They are at the top of the list marked with FREE keyword =) The trial to premium is provided only ONCE per user.