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121 reviews for this add-on
  • Not working! Can't connect to any site when a server is selected, tried many different server listed.

    Developer response

    Thanks for your bug report. Did you try to switch between VPN and HTTPs modes? Sometimes one is blocked in your location while another is working fine. To get better assistance, you can contact us by email. Thanks

  • денег вам не дам.не просите

    Developer response

    Спасибо за отзыв но зачем нам ваши деньги? =) Приложение можно использовать бесплатно. Для этого выберите шлюзы с маркировкой free, они в начале списка. В отличии от другим, эти шлюзы не имеют никаких ограничений и являются бесплатными как говорится на всю жизнь =)

  • The ability to exercise our freedom.

  • Хороший впн, мне нравится

  • this is a good


  • Very very good VPN for Firefox. This work great!!!

  • Very good, thank you.

  • Best VPN ever

  • 100% perfect!

  • first I rate 5 star now I will start to use thank you for your hardworking

  • Очень удобно и просто.

  • Firstly it's free and secondly I feel more confident that i'm protected

  • I wanted to test if this is good for me, so I installed, registered and I could surf with the IP-Adress from the selected proxy. It was shown that the trial is 3 days and after less than 10 minutes it shows the trial is expired.

    Then the plugin showed only the screen where one can register for a paid-version.

    So this Addon is not to recommend! Not even the trial is useful at all.

    Edit: Thx for the answer. I've read the doc and it's not my fault when the doc says 3 days for a VIP-Proxy but expires within a very small amount of time. The only thing I've done was connecting to Frankenberg (Germany) and Frankfurt, both with Firefox and all within just a couple of minutes. This with an IP from my DSL-Router which has definetely not changed during the very short test. And no, there were no other user behind my router. Strange, the browser was still connected to one proxy even after the AddOn was deactivated.

    Thumbs down!

    Developer response

    Thanks for your report but we actually get tired of reviews from users who waste their time writing useless message but cannot spend a 5-10 seconds to read project description =)

    SOLUTION: use FREE gateways which are the top of the list, they are at the top and they are marked with word FREE. To be sure you understand it, they are FREE FOR LIFE TIME =)

    If you want trial, no problem, contact our support they will add it manually. The problem is that you have dynamic IP and if trial was removed it means there were 5!!! different users from your IP which used trial during last 10 days =) We assume are not a cheater, so you cannot be among those 5 users who used service before =)


  • Everything is OK

  • Great Work devolpers Excellent

  • Хорошо скрывает IP

  • класний

  • Thank you so much for your work!

  • Никому не советую! Не на все сайты заходит, и постоянной реклама открывается. Качайте Hoxx VPN.

    Developer response

    Вообще то в нашем приложении нет рекламы, если вы уж так хотите рекламировать другое расширение, прямо так и пишите, не надо придумывать сказки про рекламу =) На счет захода на сайты - тут не в шлюзах дело, а в самих сайтах. Скажите спасибо другим пользователям до вас, которые нарушили их правила =) Но к нам то какие претензии?

  • Very nice! change my ip and country

  • 要试试。

  • Very simple

  • works well thanks for your service :)

  • убрать авторизацию/регистрацию

    Developer response

    А лучше потратить минутку и прочитать описание к адону =) Регистрация условная, можно вводить любой не сущесвующий почтовый адрес.