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  • Супер! Будет ли версия для Firefox 4?

  • Very Good!
    Continue a desenvolvê-lo, please!

  • about the only thing about Google Chrome I found interesting was how it does away with the Window chrome. Useful to gain more screen real-estate of course.

    This extension is brilliant because it brings that ability to the 'fox.


  • It works for Firefox version 3.5.8, but I want to make a suggestion to include somewhere the "close window" and the "minimize window" buttons that are normally found on the right side of the windows bar. Maybe add a really small version of the windows chrome on top, from where the browser can be handled. It sais here that this extension "adds also two new buttons - Close Application and Minimize" but I can't find such buttons.

    Also it would be good to provide a toolbar button from which to be able to replace the Control+F2 keys. It sais here that this is provided, but I can't find it.

    I think this tool is good. I know that some people use Google Chrome over Firefox because of the larger area it provides, so this improves things.

  • In version 3.6 does not work. (в версии 3.6 не работает)

  • to install on firefox 3.6 do this


    add boolen
    choose false

    restart firefox

    then go here


    login and install

  • Good thing! I wish it could also detect resolution change and adjust window appropriately (currently it does not and one has to press Ctrl-F2 twice every time one switches from external monitor to internal monitor of a laptop).

  • Please update for version 3.6! :)

  • super doplněk:) moc jsem si na něj zvykl a rám mi příjde dost divný po dlouhé době ho zas vidět, šlo by ho aktualizovat aby šel i ve verzi 3.6? díky

  • It's a shame that this addon also maximizes the Firefox window.

  • Awesomely beautiful. Way better than the hide caption / titlebar addons available so far. Good job !! This is what i have been looking for, no chrome without caption buttons..

  • Doesn't work on ubuntu karmic. I really would like to use that add-on, please hack it to work on linux.

  • Its a shame that "maximize/retore buttons not available".

  • very good!!

  • I'm afraid that an update is needed now for firefox 3.5.2

  • Hello, finest add on

    i'm open images on new window, and no't possible close this window,

    please fix it

    and sorry my bad englisch


  • Excellent, but can I add buttons "to collapse" and "close" on the main panel??

  • can't hide any thing even in a new profile of firefox3.5.1

  • please create this addon for 3.6a1pre. not work..

  • why can't hide chrome in my firefox 3.5?

  • Very Nice add-on, something I was looking for.
    This works very well, compatible with Tab Mix plus. I found close sign for customize.
    I tried caption title, unfortunately it is not working with tab mix plus on FF 3.5.
    Good work

  • Plz add Maximize button

  • bump below.
    plus is there any way to hover hide-and-show windows taskbar while using hide chrome?

  • Will this addon be ungraded to Firefox 3.5?
    Is there a way i can use it with 3.5 or an alternative Addon that hides the Chrome?
    Cause it's a very place-saving addon, especialy for notebooks.