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  • It's the only one "hide title bar" addon that works on firefox 4 + linux, even though is not marked compatible with that version.

  • 4 stars because it still has problems when Windows task-bar is resized, and when the computer is accessed via Microsoft RDP remote access. Very nice.

  • really good extension does exactly what it says
    i am using it on the foxdie theme and it removes the windows title bar making the theme look awesome .thanks for the addon

  • Please make compatible with Firefox 4.0 beta6 pre. It isn't work after pressing F11 and back to normal mode.
    And small feature request - option to show/hide statusbar in minimized/maximized window.

  • I really want to install this addon. Its just what I've been wanting. I'm just waiting for it to be "reviewed by Mozilla".

  • At least this one has no bugs like the extension to hide the caption - Good work

  • I agree with rob64rock. I love it except for the fact that I can't move it around when "Restored". Please add this very useful feature. I think many will appreciate it.

    Also, the buttons are a little tacky. A minor complaint, but a valid one I think. I do like how I can put them on the bookmarks toolbar, however. Good move on that one!

  • When using Hide Caption extension with Add-on compatibility Reporter extension it works great with Firefox 4.0b3 and 4.0b4pre. With the one exception of not being able to drag a non maximized window with the tab bar or status bar, so it loses one star on my vote.

  • Works great, but now it needs an update for 4.0beta. XP users still have the title bar. :(

  • .
    .w7+firefox3.6.7+Hide Caption0.8.3


  • Love the add-on... Is there a way to show the min, max, close buttons on the left of browser as opposed to the right?? Thanks for your work..

  • awesome!

  • Now that Firefox 3.7 allows drawing on the the title bar, it would be nice if you could have the option of only displaying the title in the status bar and not hide the caption.

  • Nice, but i found one annoying bug: With the sidebar placed on the right side (via All-in-One Sidebar addon), dragging the left or right window border resizes on the opposite side.

  • Great work!
    ps: but one problem: close button not work in portable version

  • 非常棒。但最大化窗口后只能点击右上角的还原图标还原窗口,其它方法不行,右键任务栏上的firefox,可以看到,还原(R),大小(S)这两项是灰色的。这个缺点比较不方便。
    Hide Titlebar就没有这个问题:

  • The icon for the menu button from the version 0.8.0 was much better.

  • good addon, but if it´s activated, the aero-glass-effect from aerobuddy or glasser don´t work correctly..

  • 窗口最大化有极其严重的问题

  • 1. WTH would users suggest to remove the status bar!? This is a caption bar addon! I'd like it the way it is!

    2. Aero support is also not really practical considering this hides the Aero border! ... just the way I like it!

  • once it is more stable it would be great to add these feature:

    * combine loading progress and addressbar. like Fission

    * move status bar elements near addressbar, and finally remove statusbar

  • 扩展不错,不能记忆窗口最大化!

  • It's a nice Add-On, but please add support for Aero!

  • Excellent add-on ! I love it !

  • Great Add-on. Even better when combined with Drag-2-Move, which allows you to right click anywhere on the window to move it.