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Version 110.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b9 - 11.*

Version 2.4.1
  • Floating-menu: fixed a frequent menu slight displacement (& now menu instantly activates by keypress).

Version 2.4.0
  • New options: activation & deactivation *delay-time* for floating-menu & floating Min,Max,Close buttons.
  • New options: Min,Max,Close buttons separate settings (enable/micro/disable) for maximized and unmaximized window.
  • FIXED: After returning from full-screen, the option Advanced>"Custom Top-edge margin ..." was lost.

  • Important Notice: If you are using the "[hcp] Min,Max,Close Buttons" control from the "Customize Toolbar" popup, you will notice that It disappeared. Don't worry, you can re-add It by dragging It again from the Customize popup.
    (this was due to an internal id forced change to comply with reviewer suggestion)
Other changes:
  • Much less flicker when de/activating (hide/show) any toolbar (+ more compatibility with addons that controls toolbars).
  • Little changes in context-menu & Firefox-button (includes a temp shadow-style workaround showed in private-browsing mode + style fix for 'FXChrome' theme)


Version 2.3.2rc
    Some improvements for compatibility, etc:
  • Floating-menu option: not disabled anymore by unchecking 'Custom Firefox App. button' + working with "Movable Firefox Button" addon.
  • New option "Top-margin style.. -> enforce Zero.", for compatibility with themes like noia4. + fixed visual glitch at top-edge with such theme.
  • Options dialog: new icons/graphics, 2 new + improved fx-button graphics. (now I'm an ex Gimp-illiterate! :-). Better description in LINUX ("Show Firefox 4+ main-menu button")
    Other changes:
  • Better performance in 'Setting Web-Title' code. (also +perf. in 'calcSpaceforButtons') Better browser-language report in system_info.html
  • Dropping Firefox 3.6 compatibility in this version. (facilitating adding performance improvements for Fx4+)

* Known Issues:
- In LINUX, dragging (moving) window using the floating menu/title isn't working well in some systems.

Version 203.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 11.*

Version 2.3.0
  • Several new options/features! (see Options Dialog): Custom setting for tab-bar/toolbars area top-edge position. More control of minimize,max&close buttons. Turn on/off custom-borders&resizers.
  • Window's Aero-Glass themes: new configurable options to hide inactive standard-System-buttons instead of the old fixed 'dark-shadow' workaround at top-right corner. Not showing it anymore with 'Personas' skins. Fixed several visual glitches (around 'Fx4 titlebar' & custom-caption). These options makes you able to prevent duplicated min,max&close buttons to appearing.
  • Options dialog: new tooltips/help-text, some options are disabled when applicable.

  • In GNU/LINUX (Ubuntu,etc): Titlebar can be hided again! (see new option that controls this in Options Dialog / advanced section). Adjusted default values for some options.

  • Fixed many little bugs and some visual glitches since Firefox 4: some due to incompatibilities with other addons like three-style-tabs. Better aligned window borders around addon-bar.
  • Improved window-dragging + Aero snap/unSnap via addon's own drag-controls & toolbar spaces that you can add via 'Customize-Toolbars' (with one exception: dragging the floating web-page-title doesn't do yet aero snap/unsnap).
Incoming features in next versions:
  • More options for floating menu + title, like timeout settings for turning on/off when hovering and custom background color/appearance.

Version 165.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 5.*

Version 2.1.6

- Fx4-beta: fixed new(*) visual issue (blank space that taked bottom half of webpage space) when option: "Current Web Page title in Status Bar" is active.
(*) This new issue appeared with Firefox 4b11pre 20010129 (Minefield). (A brand new element was added with id="statusbar-display". Same id was used before in a Fx3's status-bar child element)

Version 2.1.5

- NEW OPTION: Define Action for Close Button: added Close-Tab action!

- Fx3: NEW OPTION for "Space-for-OS´s-TASKBAR position": Number-of-Pixels for this space. (Hopefully this Fixes Issue #68. Please try 1st: setting 3 or 5 pixels when using Windows Taksbar-Autohide)

- "Floating Menu" Option: fully compatible with ´Compact Menu 2´-addon and alike. (Fixed issue #92)

- Fx4: Adjusted for new option: "Place Tabs in titlebar" (Tabs_drawInTitlebar). (see options dialog)
- Fx4: "Drag unmaximized Fx Window using Tab-bar background" option improved and defaulted to yes.
- Fx4: "Auto adjustment of maximized window top-edge position" advanced option added.

- (In Firefox 3.5, fixed Fx-button's APP-MENU)


Version 2.1.1rc

- More compatibility with HideMenubar-addon. (Fixed issue #70) (still it's floating menubar (z-index:100) prevents clicks over Fx-'Home'-Button)
(Recommended use of 'Floating Main Menu'-option instead.)
- Fix: for STANDARD_CAPTION always_present (ie. popups!), prevent *duplicated* Min,Max,Close buttons. (issue #96)

- In Fx4: FIXED: In Fullscreen now you can use BOTH Fx-menus! (issue #82)
. . Fixed also: bug when going fullscreen from un-maximized mode, you couldn't activate toolbars by mouse hover.
. . In un-maximized mode now there is a little extra space above the tabs and upper window-edge (with tabs-on-top).

- For Theme Creators: Changed SKIN URL in this addon: changed chrome://HideCaption/skin/ to chrome://HideCaptionPlus/skin/

- *Advanced Users Only*: There are 2 new 'hidden'(*) preferences flags: (special options not directly related to HCT+ but found useful)
. extensions.hide_caption.plus.extra.bookmark_panel_extrawidth - Makes Edit-Bookmark floating panel wider (I'm using it like a micro-notepad now)
. extensions.hide_caption.plus.extra.fx4_statusbar_appearance - For Fx4b8pre: adds a nice 'statusbar-style' (some shadow) to Addon-Bar.
(*) These prefs. can be changed by typing in the Fx urlbar "about:config".

Version 163.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 4.0.*

>> Please try Version 2.1.6 release, in the 'View all versions' link. It has more compatibility with some specific addons + other fixes, and new features.

. . Please don't report download errors when a file is new. It needs time for it to spread to all Mozilla mirror servers. Usually you will success with a few retries. Tks!

Version 2.1.0

- New Floating WebPage-Title option alongside Floating Menu ! (with dlbclick to un/maximize)
. (In a next version, in Fx4 You will be able to do like Aero-Snap/Unsnap from it. In Fx3 I think I will be able to implement pretty the same thing, even in Win XP.)
- Fx4: Floating Menu appears alongside Firefox (Minefield) Button also. (when Fx4´s Titlebar is enabled)

Version 2.0.5rc

- When activating 'Floating Main Menu' option: now you can also disable (uncheck) the menubar and It will remain always hidden. Updated description in Options dialog.

- Fixed: Using Fx maximized in a secondary monitor, Floating Main Menu & New Firefox-Menu was showing in primary screen.

- Firefox3: Added 'Native support' for Multiple Monitors (flicker free for 'Never' & 'Smart Popups' modes. Updated description in Options dialog)

- Firefox 4b8pre - Windows Vista & 7:
. . Fixed!: there was lost pixels on top edge of maximized window.
. . In Aero-Glass: Window Min,Max&Close system buttons was always seen in top-right corner even without any Titlebar present (and interfering with the stuff located there). This was *Fixed* in Maximized mode (workaround: shadow-box added covering those buttons area). In un-maximized mode you should enable the Fx4-Titlebar or set 'Smart-All' mode (enables Standard Titlebar). (All this will be reviewed again around Fx4 final date)
. . Aero-Glass: fixed transparency of Custom-Titlebar.

- (Dropped testing in Firefox 3.0.x)

Pending/known issues: ----------------
- In Aero-Glass & Aero-Snap:
. . In Firefox 3.6, Aero-Glass & Aero-Snap works _only_ with 'Standard-Titlebar' present. (un-maximized window in 'Smart-All' mode). I'll continue to research if these are possible without Windows' Standard-Titlebar present.

. . In Firefox 4b8pre however, it would be no problem to make work all these. Glass works in all tests done, may still need some few tweakings. Aero-Snap seems working well with Glassed toolbars/area. (And It will be no problem to make it work wherever makes sense)

Minor issues in Firefox 4b8pre:
. . Fx4: Can be solved, awaiting progress from Fx4 beta also: Flickers when de/activating a toolbar by checking it in the toolbar context popup menu. (also after entering print preview option)
. . Fx4: In never & smart-popups modes: If you press F11 (fullscreen) from restored (un-maximized) position you can't activate the toolbars. (you can maximize first to solve this)

Version 2.0.3b

- New Customize toolbar item: a FLEXIBLE Web-Title item.
- Option Dialog: bigger dialog size.
- Firefox 4b8pre:
. . Fx4 titlebar (orange button's) better positioning. It touchs top window edge. Also looks well with PERSONA skins.
. . FIXED hopefully: Fx4 didn't start maximized.

Version 2.0.2 156.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 4.0b8pre

>> Please try Version 2.1.0 release! in the 'View all versions' link. (waiting for Public status) It has new features & fixes !
. . Please don't report download errors when a file is new. It needs time for it to spread to all mozilla mirror servers. Thanks!

Version 2.0.2
- Several new features and options!, almost everything can be seen in the OPTIONS DIALOG and in the Customize-Toolbar palette!
- New Firefox Application 'Home' orange Button & App-Menu! (like future Firefox 4's ones!). This one stays always at top-left corner, easy to reach! (Fitts's law, in wikipedia, see 'Edges and corners' :-)
New option for Fx traditional Menu: leaves Menubar and stays 'floating' at new 'Home' place with autohide. (can help saving toolbar space)
- More options for Min,Max&Close buttons that helps saving space. (+InToolbar)
- Configurable Web-page Title in Status bar (with resize!). (+InToolbar)

+InToolbar: Also can be placed in any toolbar by customizing.


- Minor issues in Firefox 4 Beta:
- Fx4: Will be solved, awaiting progress from Fx4 beta also: Flickers when activating a toolbar with the toolbar popup menu. (also after entering print preview option)
- Fx4: In never & smart-popups modes: If you press F11 (fullscreen) from restored (un-maximized) position you can't activate the toolbars. (you can maximize first to solve this)
- Will be adjusted: By default you see an empty menu bar in un-maximized position. You can uncheck the floating-menu option in the options dialog or use the ALT key.

* Please note that I'm developing Fx4 support against Firefox 4b8pre (last nightly) bc Fx4 is still changing many things between betas!
(You can run the nighly easily along your stable version by using the "Portable App's Firefox Nightly" version)

Version 1.1.2 87.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 4.0b2pre

Version 1.1.2
- CONTEXT MENU (right-click) accesible from Min,Max&Close buttons and Drag-Window control.
- Some options (ie. look & feel, indicated in the dialog) now are reflected on-the-fly in FF's window/s.
- For Chromifox series, Strata40 and others themes: now there is an extra option for Min,Max&Close buttons *skins* for using the theme's own button skins.
- Via "Customize Toolbar" window, the Min,Max&Close buttons can be placed in any toolbar. (& In options dialog you can hide the buttons located at topright corner)
- Working on Linux too! (tested even in FF 3.0.8)

- Fully structured for language localization! (ready to receive translations)
(Spanish added and translated in context menu & controls, still missing in options dialog)
- (Javascript optimized, Several minor adjustements for better look and feel.)

Version 1.0.2
- Using "Drag window using tabbar bkg" special-test-option: Fixed doble-click problem.
- In Chromifox and others themes: better visual support by better detection of topright buttons fixed position in order to not overlap with any toolbar item.

- Works flawlessly in Firefox 3.6 (ie. with autohide Menu-bar, see notes)
- New & better buttons always at topright corner!
- New configurable 'Custom Caption' presence and size!

- If "Tabs on top" is used along with this, you should get the last version to have all work visually perfect.

- FIXED autohide Menu-bar problems:
1) fixed the problem in the previous old versions of this addon and
2) also there is a fix for the problem in FF 3.6 itself (see description above!)


- Maximized FF doesn't remember window restored position across restarts, will be fixed soon.