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  • firefox 58 can't use it, please update it!
    linux x64
  • ottimo, solo un poco difficile da configurare, se si facesse anche una versione leggera sarebbe meglio
  • Exactly what I was looking for!
  • The main feature of this great addon is represented in its name, it saves vertical space for web content!
  • It's simply the best Firefox extension I ever saw in my life. But... Please... Can you upgrade it so it can be used with Firefox 57.x and above?
  • Firefox Quantum — finally stop working =( hope you update that awesome addon, standard window buttons infinitely ugly
  • firefox 57 can't use it, please update it!
  • Molto utile e carina, ma a quando la versione Quantum alias firefox 57? Firefox 57 è un ottimo browser e non usarlo per alcune estensioni estetiche pare un nonsenso. Ciò nonostante queste estensiona rimane realmente migliorativa ed utile.
  • What a pity that this addon doesn't work with Firefox Quantum! It is one of my the most favorite addons.
  • Firefox (57) Quantum is NOT COMPATIBLE with Hide Caption Titlebar Plus. Read that again and let it sink in.

    Addon devs asked Mozilla to be allowed to port their Addons to Quantum. They said "no". [1]

    Basically, you must choose between HCTP and Firefox.

    You can stall until June 2018 by using Firefox 52 ESR instead (uninstall Firefox 57 first).

    If you choose HCTP, try Waterfox and PaleMoon. Both will support extensions like HCTP for the foreseeable future.

    If you choose Firefox, TELL MOZILLA you want Firefox to do what HCTP did. Be specific!

    [1] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1328244
  • Such a great add-on for maximizing your space, please implement support for Firefox Quantum - 58.0b4, with its speed I've begun using Firefox by far more than other browsers again, your add-on is a life saver!
  • I used to use this addon in previous version. Please add an update to have my FF without topbar for Ubuntu-based distros. Greetings.
  • Good
  • This helped hide that ugly title bar and afforded me more vertical screen space, Sad that it doesn't work in ff57. I hope to see this updated soon! I miss my sexy screenspace.
  • please we want a version for firefox 57
  • It gets rid of the pretty useless titlebar in linux.
    Please support firefox quantum though.
  • Love the add-on, PLEASE tell me there will be a webextension version for FF 57 !?
  • Floating bars is working nice here in linux (Kubuntu 14.04 ; Firefox 56 ; HCTP 4.0.1) . It's a pity it doesn't respect my 'tabs NOT on top' choice.
  • This is one of the main reasons I use Firefox. This is a much needed extension to customize the appearance, expecially to reduce the size of the upper bars and gain space. Hopefully the developers are trying to make another version that's suitable for the new new WebExtensions. Kudos to the developers for making one of the most important add-on in Firefox history!
  • I cannot set the default language to English. Setting window always open in Japanese after I open the English window and close it.
  • Absolument extraordinaire, je recommande à tous ceux et celle qui utilisent gnome3 et qui trouve que firefox prends trop d'espace, je suis sans voie honnêtement tout à été pensé et re-pensé même le fait de pouvoir tirer la fenetre maximisé depuis la barre supp de gnome3 (oui oui celle avec les applets!) Excellant job merci à tous!
  • As title, and I hope it can support the transparent skin theme: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/transparent-firefox/
  • Needs to be updated for the 57+ FF
  • I've been using this addon in Linux for years & it reclaims a lot of lost screen space. I hope that the developer will port this to a webextension for Firefox 57.