Thanks for the effort Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi DarthMadara

I'm happysad to say that it does not look like I'll be using HCTP for the foreseeable future because the Australis update (Aurora channel) combined with the Classic Theme Restorer add-on appears to allow me to set up my 'fox in my unique way. FWIW that's three 'toolbars' with this content (from left to right):

- Sage/Pocket-dropmenu/Add to delicious buttons,
- three flexible spaces,
- separated back/forward
- old school menu (in effect centred in the top bar)
- separated reload/stop buttons
- three flexible spaces
- minimize/restore/close buttons (unsure why they have reappeared there without HCTP help)

- HTTPS button-dropmenu
- Location box
- Undo closed tabs button-dropmenu
- Tab groups button-dropmenu
- search box
- new 'light' download panel button (hate it but waiting for an update to Download Manager Tweak)
- Social paper-plane button
- Ghostery button

- Opened tabs drop menu
- three pinned tabs
- the scroll tabs left button
- tabs
- scroll tabs right button

Then I have a status bar at the bottom where it's always been and should always be :)

- Stylish button-dropmenu
- NoScript button
- AdBlock Plus button-dropmenu
- Progress meter
- status text
- Create TinyURL button
- Colorpicker button-dropmenu
- Firebug button-dropmenu

All of the buttons, be they on XP at home, of Win 7 at work, are styled with a raised effect that clearly makes them stand out as opposed to the 'flat' trend that Australis is obsessed with. That's thanks another great add-on: Classic Toolbar Buttons, by the same author.

About the only thing I'm not happy with, apart from the less-than-useful stock Download 'panel' is the lack of a drop-down option on the separated Back button. Not sure why this doesn't work when you hold on to it.

Thanks immeasurably for your add-on efforts Darth. I'm sure it's possible that I'll need to come back to HTCP to get my fox exactly the way I like it in the future. I applaud your efforts hugely. The people who wanted to create more screen space, but very little room for add-on interacting UI elements, by getting rid of the status bar and adding all the add-on to the right hand side of the location toolbar, like Chrome does, are misguided at best IMHO. By properly hiding the unnecessary title bar, HTCP gave me the same amount of room they saved by removing the status bar and yet the same space for add-on interaction UI elements.

Congratulations on a great add-on. It was an absolute pleasure to use and I really appreciate the effort it must take to fight the Mozilla minimalists and their copy-Chrome agenda. Keep up the great work!

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