48 reviews
  • This is so much helpful for me. I love this extension.
  • Now i can check my website HX rank easily. Thanks for make it free!
  • This is a unique firefox addons for checking website UX rank.
  • Just awesome. Helpful, great!
  • Me and some of my friends use it , this extension service is very good, I like to use it , thankyou .
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful extension. Look forward to see more extension from the developer!!
  • Truly this is best, Honestly working very well, This extension gives info almost 99.9% .
    You can use it , thank you.
  • that addons very cool
  • This is really a good tool for website owner and developer. Thanks for make it.
  • It's a massive extension , I liked that most. working cool and this is a very good analyzer.
  • Great tool. Exactly what i am looking for.
  • one of the best add-on
  • Very good to use it, tool cool extension , always perform very well , I liked it so much. Thankyou very much to develop it.
  • Works fantastic! Great tool.
  • Hexometer tool helps me a lot. It's help me to find my website Hx rank. Thanks.
  • Best tool for checking website's HX rank. Great!
  • WOW! easily i can see which stack is used for any website.
  • Works great! love this tool.
  • This is a cool tool I've ever use , Amazing work and very easy to use , perfect for me , I recomended to use it, thankyou so much.
  • Fully different thinking. Thank you so much developer team for make this unique add-ons. Great!
  • WOW! Its working great.
  • too good to use, very easy to use , analysing perfectly
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