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  • dosnt work. soory only 1 star
  • It doesn't work
  • 全部禁用后建议图标变成灰色,或者加一个划线,以提高辨别度
  • I've been very pleased with the features of this add-in, but it may have a major memory leak.

    I've been using this add-in in conjunction with a script that scrapes and reloads hundreds of web pages every few minutes. I've been having memory issues with Firefox lately, so I started disabling add-ins one at a time after running it for about a week.

    The moment I disabled this add-in, the process memory decreased by 18 GiB. The decrease all came from the "heap-unclassified" section of the add-ins process. This suggests that this extension (over the course of potentially millions of page loads) has somehow been allocating memory to the heap but not freeing it.

    I currently have a single rule set up to modify a CORS header. Let me know if I can gather any additional information to help confirm and/or debug this issue.
    Can you contact me by email? Please provide the script and rules you used. My email is sy(at)firefoxcn.net