Why! Why! Why? ? ? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Maybe you guys and everyone who's gonna read this will spread the word, please. I'm not here to complain on this skin or any other skin. There all great work. I just hate to see good work go to waste. If I had your skills I'd make one. But even then, I don't have your patience. I mean, most of the add-on made are ready to work the same day they're stop day in their tracks. The minute Mozilla upgrade any of its browsers, all add-ons are back in the sketch board. So here's my point. Hoping it make any sence to you.

Why don't these codes can come-out in the browser itself in its data base? And get this, there are cars companies that work on paint that will change colors just by turning a knob. But we are force to believe that it can't be done on a computer based program(which its principally suppose be able to do). Also, what makes all applications so heavier to run are not the possibilities that are added, it's the locks that are put in them. Frankly, I think these locks are put in there with the only purpose of making some dicks grow bigger. Come on, or come off, who needs a copyright that'll be out-dated in 6 months? Also, the other day I had a pop-up telling that the skin needed to be up-dated. Seriously, I know that yogurt is not good to eat passed the date... but the color code of a skin browser? (smells fishy) ...naaah. 2+2=4 since I don't when, and I don't think it's gonna need up-date for any billions of years.
For my part, maybe I should go to CBS and take Andy Roonie's place when he retires.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.6.0). 


Thanks for the high rating, but WOW! You sure can rant! LOL