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  • ok
  • simpel in der Bedienung und funktioniert perfekt. Großartig!!!!
  • 浏览快,稳!体验畅快淋漓!
  • Simple great
  • Absolute awesome compliment to the Toggle JavaScript Enabled ADD ON. Gives me access to all movies and content I want to watch. The best thing ever for a poor person. Helps me cut the cable cord forever. FIREFOX AND THESE ADD ONS ARE FANTASTIC. BEST THING SINCE THEY DISCOVERED GRITS.
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  • Es muy buena
  • It's a new world with Firefox 52

    Mozilla: "technologies such as Java, Silverlight, and various audio and video codecs won't work on Firefox [52+]." NPAPI is gone.

    I am holding off my upgrade for now until I hear more about security. Will WebRTC work with the newest Firefox? Is it needed? What does it all mean?