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  • Absolute awesome compliment to the Toggle JavaScript Enabled ADD ON. Gives me access to all movies and content I want to watch. The best thing ever for a poor person. Helps me cut the cable cord forever. FIREFOX AND THESE ADD ONS ARE FANTASTIC. BEST THING SINCE THEY DISCOVERED GRITS.
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  • Es muy buena
  • It's a new world with Firefox 52

    Mozilla: "technologies such as Java, Silverlight, and various audio and video codecs won't work on Firefox [52+]." NPAPI is gone.

    I am holding off my upgrade for now until I hear more about security. Will WebRTC work with the newest Firefox? Is it needed? What does it all mean?
  • Thanks a mille for this gem. It's a must..
  • Excellent, the VPN didn't affect the VPN ad on extratorrents showing my private IP but as soon as I installed Disable WebRTC it switched to the VPN address. Thanks a lot!

    As if this isn't a move by the NSA guaranteed they pressured Firefox, they're already in bed with Google.
  • it works perfectly!
    I used Hoxx VPN to hide my IP (clone more users on 1 web service) but...it was succeed just 2times, then the website detected even how manytime i've changed HOxx server.
    then this addon: Disable WebRTC help me out.
    excellent! perfectly!!
  • This is by far the best addon I found that actually disable WebRTC. I tried others in Firefox (my default browser) , Chrome and Opera and this is the one that works in a reliable way. It's the best complement to VPN without a single leak either IP or DNS.
  • This addon does not work, based on the real-time data from: https://www.doileak.com/
    On the results page, are you not seeing the "WebRTC IP Leak" subsection turning green? If not, please add an issue here: https://github.com/ChrisAntaki/disable-webrtc-firefox - thanks
  • great
  • It works fine according to my tests.
  • nice! it works ty
  • im tested and good
  • I tested it and works
  • Install and forget. This add-on won't keep pooling resources from your browser. You can even hide its icon from the Toolbar.

    The source code is clean and neat.
  • Does what it is supposed to
  • Thanks for the great work, Chris.
    Glad you're enjoying the addon(s)
  • i recently switched back to Firefox from Chromium because of this vulnerability. With Chromium, there's no fix. Google designed Chrome and all Chromium-based Browsers to reveal real IP Address. Firefox is the only fix. Thank You Mozilla.
    Yeah, I'm surprised Google is so far behind Mozilla in terms of securing WebRTC.