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  • Realy good when using 2 screens
  • Blurry images :(
  • in some cases full page capture fails (maybe not because of this app)
    Would you mind sharing on which page it cannot capture full page?
  • So far, it works! I hope it still free!
  • Easy, intuitive add-on. Does what it advertises with no complications.
  • Very nice screen capture (I've tried many).
    Small learning curve. One thing I'd like to see
    would be an opportunity to "Name" the new file
    before saving it. Otherwise, it's great!
  • So it only captures the full screen or what is visible. You cannot draw a recantular box around a section and save it. Perhaps a full description could waste less peoples time?
    Sorry that it doesn't make it clear, but seems like your requirement could be fulfilled with current extension. Check out this video https://www.loom.com/share/749b89c977c94946825f3ac07fe768e0
  • Thank you so much for this handy little app it is a life saver
  • Better than others
  • So far the best tool I have seen for taking screenshots and editing them.
  • Je recommande ce module,un grand merci a son développeur.
    j'ai eu besoin de capturé une page web complète, fait le job simplement et rapidement. validé 2019-09-29 .firefox à jour, Win 7.
    Thanks! really glad that you like it!
  • Parabéns. A sua extensão funcionou melhor que:
    Easy Screenshot da Mozilla
    FireShot ou Full Web Page Screenshots
    Nimbus Screen Capture
    PageSaver WE Screenshot Capture Tool
    Web Clipper: Easy Screenshot (WebExtension)
    FireScreen - Screenshot Editor
    em um site específico que possui extensa sobreposição (overlay).
    Thanks! really glad that you like it!
  • Simple efficace, raccourci clavier et c'est fait! ;)
  • just what I was after,,perfect !!
  • HALF-working addon = does what it says, but NOT if U use a dark theme! Hides EVERYTHING if U have black as your background &/or 'background images' disabled in Firefox. Shouldn't matter! Also, U must hit their button, as there is no right-click option. This conceals & makes things harder when U have lots of buttons with 'rollover' = not all shown @ top of browser.
  • Самое лучшее приложение. Автору огромное спасибо!
    Thanks for using this tool! Really glad you like it
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