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  • I used this last fall for about 2 months- nice to see the upgrades keeping up.
    I have Tinseltown for Xmas cheer.
    The rest of the year I have a few standard themes I like but the seasonal thewmes are SO much fun and help get me in the mood....

  • Fantastic job and very clear. Great fun and works with my colorful tabs. Easy to read orange on black lettering...perfect for the night

  • I love it!!!

  • Great Halloween Theme, but the icons are weird. When you put the cursor to Forward, it turns to a ghost..., when you put it on Stop, it turns to an apple...

  • I really like how this looks, it is my first time using a "Theme" and I love it! Thanks for making it.

  • cute theme! i really like the black and orange. the icons are very scaaaaaaary - i would prefer to have the pacman ones changed, to match the rest, but that's my thing - i'm using this all month long i'm sure - thanks for all your hard work

  • Great add-on, only Firefox downloaded and now it doesn't work. Tried deleting the add-on and reinstalling it. That didn't work. Deleted Firefox then reinstalled. That didn't work. Tried System Restore, even that didn't work. Guess I'm screwed...cause this is the only add-on I really wanted!

  • I normally do not stick to a theme for more than a week. I have fell in love with this one. Graphics are cool and keeps me from getting bored. I will be using this one year round. Thanks!

  • Clever icons (a couple are not intuitive, but acceptable), excellent color scheme (orange and black are a suprisingly GREAT combination for visibility).

    However, the cobwebs can get in the way of reading some toolbars/status lines. If there was some way to remove them or hide them, I'd use this theme 364 (Trafalgar Day still needs its own theme!).

    Even with that minor gripe, thanks for the useful whimsy!

  • It's an all year round theme for me! Love it esp. the button effects and the bats!!! A fantastic theme for people of the gothic persuasion like myself. Also it has never messed with any of my add-ons and all bits are in working order. ^v^ Love it!