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60 reviews for this add-on
  • Looks promising but doesn't work well on Firefox 48 OSX 10.11

    Title bar pops in and out of existence when trying to resize window. and icons are rendering strangely.

  • Shows a black background,doesn't look anything like the picture. OFF IT GOES

  • I've been using this theme for over 5 years. It is my favorite one. I hope that I will not have to change it :( . There is a n incompatibility with the newest (44.0.2) version Makes it so I can't get in options. Please don't make me lose the nest Theme I've ever seen and the only one I've used and want to continue using. Thank you. Keep up the good work :)

    Developer response

    Something about continuous use of a profile does this. You can either clean out your old profile or try making a new one.

  • ein übersichtlich aufgebautes Themes - verspielt und farbenfroh. Ein Highlight. Bitte weiter so

  • No comparto estos temas con mi computador. Cualquier tema es mucho mejor que un tema de hallowen

  • Отличная тема , очень красивая и яркая , в тоже время не слишком пестрая и не рябит в глазах. Удобные три кнопки в правом верхнем углу и закрывающие кресты(кости) на вкладках исключают возможность промахнуться . летучие мыши во время загрузки страницы - просто восторг. Дух праздника передан . Спасибо, Лис стал оригинальный и оживился .^^

  • Great theme,is the n°1 of my theme,please compatibility with firefox addons 365scores,the number of scores is not visibility with the down bar black.


    Developer response

    Be sure to update to version 6.0.1

  • I absolutely love this theme. It's perfect for the Halloween season. =) Thanks so much for making this. You are amazing! xx

  • Fantastic theme, incredibly detailed! Wish you'd make one for every holiday/season :)

  • Look forward to using this theme every year..It's a good one!

  • So glad it's Halloween time again, and thanks for updating theme for 7.+ Love the theme!

  • I just found out there wont be an update for firefox 4 T-T.
    My favorite theme ever, I just created an account to say that I also refuse to update to Firefox 4. Thanks for offering it, it would be nice to have it on Firefox 4.

  • I am....quite LOVE with your Halloween theme. It's the cutest thing I have EVER seen. I refuse to update to Firefox 4 BECAUSE I can't use Halloween!! Pretty pretty pretty please update it?? I LOVE IT!!! :D

  • This theme is wonderful! I've enjoyed it sooooo much, I want to keep it up year-round...however, m compelled to change it out bc of Christmas. However, once Christmas is over ~ It's back to this theme!

  • Love it! Halloween is my favorite holiday and the icons for the buttons are wonderful.

  • Love it, this is my October theme, definitely a must have for anyone that loves this holiday

  • I love this theme so much that I have it all year round, then I upgraded to Firefox 4.0b2 and lost it. Please, if you can, can this be rectified? I really miss it.

  • Have used this theme for quite a while, however have problems with FireFox Ver 3.6.
    The Tabs that are opened continuely flash which is annoying & distracting.
    I hope the bug is quickly rectified.
    Seems that as Firefox is updated I generally get a problem with this theme.
    Otherwise I like it.

  • I LOVE THIS!! It's SO cute! I love how the ghost changes when it's loading and the witch changes too and i love the bat flying as it loads and the little tomb stone for the new tab and I love the colours and the spider webs!! I don't even want to change when Halloween is over! I don't know how to donate but as soon as I find the link and have money to spare (it's tight right now) then i definitely will! You deserve it. Thanks so much Ed!

  • Very nicely done!! This them I enjoy so much, especially with Halloween and all the other holidays coming up.
    You should be proud-you did an amazing job! No problems, no hangups, easy to read and enjoy :)

    Thank You,
    Las Vegas

  • This is a great theme, especially this time of year! The design and colors are outstanding. Thank you for this theme. You've done a great job!

  • Это моя любимая тема!!! Супер! Супер! Супер!

  • Very nice. I wish more of the dialog boxes had the Halloween colours instead of system colours.

  • Thanks for keeping the theme up to date. It's one of my favorites. I start using it mid-September or whenever I'm in need of a fall/Halloween fix. I've not had any problems with this theme and other add-ons. Works perfectly and looks great!

  • adorable