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77 reviews for this add-on
  • sfsdf

  • 信息安全爱好者

  • That is good

  • I Like That

  • good

  • يباغ

  • 441

  • This an awesome tool to test your own site!

  • sxsz sz z

  • good

  • it's good

  • this is a very good tool

  • yes

  • Tidak kompitibel :3

  • pro

  • Clever.

  • hackbar was good . but i cannot download for thr hackbar how can i m downoad

  • couldn't open or install after update firefox

  • pas compatible avec quantum

  • I can't use it in the latest version

  • I like this addon but I have a problem to install when I update fiefox.

  • why can't use it in the new edition?

  • 但是为什么新版本不让用了?

  • yeas

  • mln