Doesn't work for me, help outdated, no clear support page Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Where to start. I had high hopes and installed HTW + RIP, then set off to clean up pages I use.

(1) I can't make removes, kills etc permanent, they come right back. There's no help and all the instructions say is to select the element and press "K". I do that, they vanish, a moment later (or next page refresh) they're back.

(2) I can't figure how to widen or narrow the scope of a rule manually, because there's no explanation of the format for saved rules.

(3) If you want to have an element removed but the page layout not modified (needed on some pages) then apparently "R" isn't permanent and "K" removes and automatically reflows, so it's not clear if or how this can be done. Again no help available.

(4) The "Advanced Help" link fails ("page not found")

(5) Help itself ("H") is out of date, missing "K" and presumably other codes, but as there's no web-page help I can't tell what else is missing.

I would love this to work but right now... these need solving.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Use the Save button.

This is quite an old review and I have resolved all the issues raised some time ago.


Save your changes to a script – Lily-White ✓
Save your changes to a script – De-Width ✓
Save your changes to a script – Remove ✓
On Save suggest a name for the Style ✓
Support for Stylish ✓