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  • Please, this add-on needs to be updated to work with current FireFox versions. :'(
  • My favorite Add-on is GONE. Now FF57 has destroyed our chance to use it. WHY?
    I don't see or experience any improvements in this FF update.
  • I still use Firefox what are useful plugIn (tools), they are ScrapBook and HackTheWeb.
    Now, FireQ there are no "SB" and "HtW", I will leave Firefox.
  • Of the many disappointments brought by FF 57's demolition of many addons, I feel the loss of HtW most keenly.

    It is cold comfort that the old Aardvark bookmarklet still works on quite a few sites:


    It seems to me not to work so effectivey as HtW, nor quite as conveniently. I continue to hope that HtW gets rewritten for FF57+, and if there are good alternatives, it would help to know.
  • My Web existence might very well end when Firefox 57 causes the final death of everything derived from Aardvark, including this extension and ABP Element Hiding Helper. I've used the former to tighten and focus pages that I save as MHT documents, and the latter for creating permanent rules. Already Element Hiding Helper appears non-functional, replaced by a built-in husk of its former self within the latest pre-57 version of AdBlock Plus, a husk that is apparently no longer derived from Aardvark, and it's utterly UNUSABLE.

    It would sure be nice if you and Vladimir got together with Rob Brown and worked some magic.
  • Thanks for HTW, it's a great extension, but Stylish v1.4 does not work anymore with newest versions of FiFo, so styles cannot be saved anymore. Will HTW work with current Stylish versions in near future?
    A workaround is to use a vm and old versions to create the script and copy that to your new firefox and stylish. Sorry :-(
  • FF 46 does not work with Stylish 1.4 versions so HTW is obsolete from now on.
    A workaround is to use a vm and old versions to create the script and copy that to your new firefox and stylish. Sorry :-(
  • doesnt work with stylish anymore.

    so i need to downgrade stylish?
    or should I wait for your update ? any timeline for release?
    [EDIT 2015.07.15] On a VM I have uninstalled Stylish and reinstalled Stylish Version
    I then turned off autoupdate for stylish only.

    Find the Stylish download here:
    How I use HTW and Stylish:

    I use HTW to create the scripts I need and save them on the Stylish website.
    I can then install them on any browser that needs them.
    To keep Stylish at I needed to turn off autoupdate.

    You can set autoupdate for each add-on individually.
    Visit: Tools: Add-ons
    Click on the ‘more’ link at the end of the add-on description.
    Here, you can set on/off/default.
    Yeah will try to get some time to look at this, usually its an extra argument needed to the Stylish function.

    Saying which I'm not sure how this signing of extensions thing will affect my ability to produce a beta... hmmm.
  • Great tool for customizing print outs or even more when used with Stylish. With the Stylish integration a good tool becomes great. Thanks.
    Just noticed we are hitting 6K Daily users :-)
  • Not the best. While still good enough.

    It's very useful in many cases and very light and handy.

    Bad that
    1) These buttons are larger then native (both for "small" and "large" icons mode) and screws up the statusbar either any toolbar where placed
    2) It doesn't work with anything except "pure" DOM.
    For example on the ScrapBook "combine" operation result page it's impossible to remove any of the yellow headers (wrapped into ...)
    Sorry about the Icons but RL is taking up most of my time ATM :-(
    You can dl the xpi and hack the Icons to your liking though. If you do, send me a copy and I may update the next beta.
    Cheers :-)
  • great addon, but after the latest stylish release the export to stylish does not work anymore, hope this can be fixed

    edit. thx for the beta , it works
    Stylish 1.4.2 works with the new Beta HTW 1.3.21
    Find the Beta HTW 1.3.21 download here: http://goo.gl/aJJocw
  • Very good app! Simple and straightforward. Without it I can not
    Great to hear that this is useful.

    Cheers :-)
  • The best add on for mozilla from my point of view. It remove all the unwilling part of any webpage.
    Simply awesome work.
    Tips for beginers like me. To use this add on, install both "hack the web" and "stylish" add ons. To use hack the web, right click on any unwilling part of the page, then remove the bordered unwilling parts of the page using "delete". When finished just hit "S" and click save button et voila.
    This page may also help you: http://www.workswonders.co.uk/hacktheweb/
    I wrote this because it was not very clear on how to use this genial add on.
    Glad you like it!
  • I wanted something similar for a long time and even wrote an add-on that barely tackles it - but this is even better than my original concept :D I will rename my add-on to deprecated and tell my almost 50 users to switch to this instead!

    I will change the rating to 5 stars when there is a shortcut to activate the add-on (for example: ctrl+alt+h) and when the add-on exits hack-mode after isolating an element. Both could be options, and I'd be glad to help in any way!

    EDIT: Thanks for the reply Silver! There doesn't seem to be a new version out yet so I can't test the changes. Could you please consider also exiting hack-mode after isolating an element?
    No Need for a new version already built in. Access key:Context Menu access key = "H" (was "A")Tools Menu access key = "B"Usage:Contextkey, h (or Shift+F10, h)Alt+t, b
  • easy to use and does what it says!
    Thank you for taking the time to review.
  • I've missed using Aardvark and not only does this add-on replicate its features, it uses the same keyboard shortcuts and throws in some extra features along with it. Great add-on, thank you!
    Nice to know the extra features are useful to other users, not just me.
  • Amazing. This is just perfect.
    I am glad it was of use to you :-)
  • HackTheWeb does it all.Complete, easy, fast.

    - Complete because it has more features than simply removing. What you wish not to remove, or what remains after removal of other items, can have its display adapted in size and color ;
    - Easy : frankly, I'm lazy but I love efficiency! You cannot find easier and more efficient, not even one without the other ;
    - Fast, I mean FAST : because it creates css scripts that are integrated and then managed by Stylish add-on, edited pages are taken care of before display, not after, which enables a slick, smooth, fast rendering (it's not like you see the removed item before it gets removed, see what I mean?!)

    I'm glad you like the Stylish integration, I use that a lot myself.
  • Отличнейшая штука для нервных сёрферов. Мне пригодилась в сочетании с аддоном Readable. Если тот не может определить что именно показывать, я сначала обрезаю страницу с помощью этого аддона.
    Вообще там море ещё функций, я ещё не все перепробовал.
    Полезная программа! Автору спасибо!
    Спасибо, я рад, что вы найдете ее полезной.
  • 5 star reviews should be rare- and this one earns it! I played with it for quite a while before reviewing it and the more I use it the more I like it!

    I recently dropped a big name adblocker and I found this one in many ways is more lightweight and effective. This way if I see anything I don't like on the page I just go in there and manually edit it myself. It is simple, it works, and if there are any flaws I have yet to encounter them.

    The bottom line is this one looks like some really well done tech!
    Glad to see that HTW is helping to make the web a more pleasant experience :-)
  • I used to use Aardvark but had to switch to this plugin because the other was not being upgraded for the new versions of Firefox. But I am glad I did as this has features that Aardvark never had, e.g., after removing items from the Web page, copying the text to an editor keeping only what was showing on the page -- regardless of what you removed, Aardvark always would copy the entire page, as if nothing had been done. This is a great feature!
    Very pleased that you find it useful.
  • It's not just that this extension makes the websites so much easier to print or to watch, though that is true. It's a valuable extension. But everyone should know how thoroughly this program is supported. Note that every review is responded to and that none of those responses are the cover your ass type response you see so often on ebay. They are either expressions of sincere (I believe) gratitude or a sincere effort to help where issues arise. My problem was given prompt attention and is resolved. Thanks so much.
    I have fun using/developing HTW and I am glad your issue has been resolved.
  • This app is so fun. I love being able to take all the junk off of websites to be able to view them the way I'd like to. And as a developer, it gives you some insight into page layout and design for your own sites in real time without having to change code (I never use WYSIWYG editors). Highly recommended .
    Thanks! That comment has made my day :-)
  • I'd like your version but find that using Stylish is generating to much code for nothing to save the filter.

    I found another extension that seem to be old and not updated since longtime. It does basically the same thing that HTW does minus the new option.

    It is: "Remove It Permanently RIP" maybe you know ?

    The way it save the filter is very efficient maybe you could "glue" both extensions together ( or take the code to generate and save the filter) since the extension seem to be abandoned by the author.

    Try it please and let me know what you think about my suggestion, it would be amazing to have the power of HTW and RIP Together without the need to use "Stylish" to save the filters.

    Best Regards
    Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog :-) its much easier to have a conversation there.

    Discussion moved to http://www.instantfox.com/hacktheweb/
  • ...as requested by the addon developer:

    Looks too be fixed in the latest version of the Firefox nightlies [May 24, 2012.]

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:15.0) Gecko/15.0 Firefox/15.0a1 ID:20120524030520

    If you have any further issues just drop a comment at the support blog or drop me an email.

    *klonos wrote on May 17, 2012 · : Perfect addon - one minor issue with its toolbar icon... Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Great addon! Another x-Aadvark-user here ;)
    One minor thing though: when the addon's button is placed in the toolbar along with other icons (I use the menu bar old-firefox-style) using the only-icon/no-text option for the toolbar icons, it displays way off (displaced upwards) than the other icons. I have around 25 icons in the menu toolbar and I'm only having this issue with this addon (using 1.2.9) and with the web developer addon's icon - other addons' icons display fine aligned at the same level/height.

    I am using latest firefox x64 nightlies (currently 15.0a1) on Windows 7 x64 if that matters.

    Other then that this is truly a life-saving addon! Thanx for the time and effort spent on it.
    This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2.5).
    **SilverWav (Developer) on May 17, 2012 wrote in reply:

    Thanks for the review, much appreciated.
    Could you provide a screen shot of the toolbar issue?
    Cheers :-)
    ***klonos wrote: on May 17, 2012 ·
    ...link to the screenshot of the icon issue...
    ...as requested by the addon developer:
    ****SilverWav (Developer) on May 17, 2012 wrote in reply:

    Linux looks OK... Will go look at my win7 box...
    Cheers I will look into this.
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