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GTriddim Youtube To MP3 converter 1.2.1-signed.1-signed

Privacy Policy

By using you accept the following Terms & Conditions if you are using our converter:

1: The user is responsible and takes liability for the data sent to

2: The user is aware of the legal risks he/she takes for sound storage and sharing. This is the subject to copyrights, which can force you to assume the legal responsibility.

3: In case of any complaint received by in regards to any matter, the service supplier has the right to delete or block the data.

4: The upload of children pornography or any other offensive data is strictly prohibited.

5:The service supplier reserves the right to contact Internet providers and other institutions, in case receives complaints about a specific content or user.

6: The user accepts the condition not to share, copy or transmit any information or data which is the subject to copyright, brands, labels and other third-party ownership rights.

7: The service supplier does not take responsibility for any errors or dysfunctions occurred while sending data from the YouTube or converting data into mp3.

8: The user is exclusively responsible for any damage occurred from using the website.

9: The user is aware that any unlawful sharing of data and information, under protection of copyright laws, is illegal.

10: The service supplier has the right to interrupt service at any time without prior notice.

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