557 reviews for this add-on
  • I Using your addon or 4 years and it awesome, But I cant use on FF Quantum(57), Please update :(
  • This is very good plugin! Please update for FF57...
  • Please update for 57 :/
    Best plug for FF.
  • Please update this add-one I am using it every day but it is not working now after Firefox 57 update. Please Update.
  • This is a great add-on
    is it going to be updated for FF57 ?
  • The best simple plugin, pls update to the new firefox quantum.
  • Dones't support FF 57
  • Best popup translator, but not for FF57+, now i use Simple Translate , almost as good .
  • FF 55
    Лучший контекстный переводчик! До появления версии FF 57…
  • just because of this plugin I'm still on on firefox I'm sitting :) This is the best plugin for translations.
    It is a pity that it does not work with the 57 version. It is very fast and I would like to use it already.
  • Please make it works! Thanks.
  • The best I found!
    Do not forget the compatibility with Firefox 57. And maybe think of a "contribute" paypal button.
  • Thank you for this useful app.
  • Что самое удобное, есть контекстный перевод слова или фразы по правой кнопке.
  • Works very well, thank you!
  • 简单,实用得翻译拓展
  • I hope it will be work in FF 57+
  • Выдатны дадатак! Спадзяюся, што будзе рэалізаваны і на WebExtension
  • Better to say - EXCELLENT!
  • 9 fois sur 10 j'obtiens "service unavailable".
    Dommage : ça faisait bon nombre d'années que ça fonctionnait bien
  • This add really works for me, simple and easy to translate any word or sentence.
  • I love this. Much more usable than other translation Add-ons, without using separate tabs. But we need a webextension version!
  • 在中国 无法 正常 访问 translate.google..com,
    无法 使用 gTranslate,
    请 允许 配置 translate.google.cn.

  • Merci Pierre! I really love it, because it translated without waiting or having to switch to another tab. You right-click, you get the translation right inside the context menu. Great idea! And you can change the language if the autodetected language is not the right one! Great. It translated well sentences.

    If the dev could add the IPA or the sound, would be the best addon on Earth. And also, make the translation bigger, when translating a short text, I have to do it bit by bit, but I don't know where the translation stoppes in the text, that's not easy to do. Separation of sentences has to be improved. I want to translate bigger bits.