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  • Good!

  • Hope it will be updated )

  • Very good, and I wish it works with new Firefox 60.

  • 安装后工具栏和菜单都找不到此组件

  • Thanks

  • pls update this is the best but now it doesnt work

  • عالی کامله وهمه زبانها راترجمه میکند

  • Best Translator!!!, but it doesn't support firefox quantum, PLEASE update your addons PLEASE !!!
    Это лучший переводчик под FF, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА обновите Ваше приложение, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!

  • Please keep this updated for us Waterfox and Pale Moon users!
    This is the best tool translation tool I have ever used

  • The best, the most intuitive and useful add-on translator for Firefox. I'm waiting for the Quantum release.

  • bien meilleure que toutes les merdes que firefox propose

  • please update it for new version of firefox

  • please update this tools

  • Best translate tool that I use. Please update for new firefox

  • Отлично!

  • افضل إضافة ترجمة
    ترجمة تلقائية بالزر الايمن إمكانية النسخ
    عرض المترادفات

  • please update this tools it's very usefull

    Thank you

  • Great add-on but it is need for update to be compatible with last version of Firefox.

  • fantastic

  • best of the best!

  • pleeease update

  • Most usefull. Tried many. Longing for Quantum...

  • The best addon for translation till now !

  • Dones't support FF 57

  • This is, hands down, one of the best extensions ever created. I am keeping my fingers crossed for an update to make it compatible with the current Firefox browser. Not having it, feels like loosing your right hand.