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  • 1. Simple and powerful, it has groups, thumbnails, backup, shortcut, background etc... All you want, this plugin has it alllllll
    2. This plugin even has the cloud sync feature
    3. This plugin will not "HELP" you to sort these tabs, and you can drag these tab to anywhere you want. Of course, if you want, you can set auto hide the empty too

    Overall, perfect for me! Thanks man!
  • So far, i was really excited.

    Currently, totally disappointed.
    I saw that the addon on 25.7. was updated. Regardless, when I opened Firefox, my entire dials disappeared. There were many.
    Automatic backups I have no, or found only very old.

    In urgent cases like this, please contact me to my support e-mail (I'm trying to reply asap).
    This issue was caused by a rare Firefox bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1478602
    And it should be fixed after upgrading to the current version 10.0.
    Also your dials are not lost, only thumbnails are not visible.
    And to prevent loosing your dials, make sure to either create a manual backup in the Options page or by creating free cloud account.

    If the problem does not disappear after upgrading to version 10.0, please write me!

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Отличное дополнение. Но перестало работать после обновления. Опять в мазала что-то намутили :(
    There is a rare Firefox bug that should get fixed after upgrading to the current version 10.0.
    If the problem does not disappear after upgrading to version 10.0, please contact me to my support e-mail.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Прекрасное расширение. Полная синхронизация со всеми устройствами, возможность группировки по направлениям. Отпала необходимость при переустановки системы или браузера в новой настройке вкладок! Большое спасибо за удобное расширение!!!
  • Update 2018-July-25:
    Helloooo, Thank you so much for your reply. Already updated to the new version and everything is working puuuuuurfect now. Thank U Thank U Thank U (^-^)
    *Have a very beautiful day*
    MUCH L♡VE 4U *huuuuuuuuge hug*
    ϰoϰo❥♏orgαηα ❥❥❥❥✿♪d(^x^)b♪..✿♪
    I cant live without this wonderful extension. But since last Firefox Update Version 61.0.1 this add-on start to open over an over one annoying page with:
    """"GroupSpeedDial - auto-reload tab
    To enable fully invisible auto-reload you will need Firefox 59 and also visit the page "about:config" and set "extensions.webextensions.tabhide.enabled" to TRUE."""

    Already set it to True and also to False, and nothing seams to solve this issue. I do not want auto-reload tabs nor either hide my open tabs. In fact all the tabs are visible however the same tabs are hiding also. Can you help me pleeeeeeease? (^-^)

    I've just released new version 9.8 that contains many changes to auto-reload that could fix these issues.
    Since Firefox 61, the special config is no longer needed and the tab will be hidden automatically (it will be in the list of hidden tabs).

    Regarding that tab - it's used to create thumbnails if you setup Auto-reload and it's used for background reload (which will be soon the default thumbnail generation method). That tab is being opened and closed depending on your setup - by default it will reload up-to 4 dials at a time and then it gets closed. You can alter this behavior in Options page - you can check the "Keep reloading tab opened after reloading" or change "Maximum concurrently loading pages" to much more than 4 if you have many dials scheduled to be reloaded.

    Anyway if you have still issues with current 9.8 version, please let me know to my support e-mail!
    Thank you for reporting bugs!

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Отличное расширение! Раньше пользовался другим, но при знакомстве с этим диалом - установил сразу и на хроме и на лисе!
    Максимум возможностей по настройке, шустрый и удобный!
    Спасибо большущее!!!
  • Been following this dial since it started. Great progress being made. Still a way to go before you dethrone FVD but I am hopeful that you will. A little more polish is required, also FVD import is not quite there yet. Keep going, I will keep checking back.
  • Good...Hello...by
  • Do kitu co jakis czas nie dziala,nie polecam
    Please try to upgrade to version 10.0 that fix some rare issues.
    If the problem does not disappear after upgrading to version 10.0, please contact me to my support e-mail.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • I love this so much I actually got the Pro version.
  • Супер аддон. Скажите, когда планируется расширение для Opera?

    Opera still didn't approved my add-on a year ago when I submitted it for the first time. I think I will need to write them personally.
    Also there is now one issue in Chrome based browsers (including Opera) that should be fixed in 4 weeks. Once it's fixed, I will proceed with this.

    Until then, you can use the cloud dials page even in Opera (however it's not editable so it's just partial workaround).

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Perfect replacement for speed dial after the great upgrade to Quantum. As someone on the adhd spectrum, this keeps me productive.
  • currently when you add lots of dials they become smaller and smaller until you dont see anything. (at 20rows 20 columns) because of that im waiting for fixed-sized dials and scroll-bar layout (infinite rows support) just like in opera browser. thanks for the addon and hope you can add this features soon.

    It's planned and I really hope it will come by the end the of summer holiday.

    But instead of using many dials in one page, you should group them in the groups (like files in folders).
    You will be still able to access them fast through group-dials (dial pointing to a group) - no need to use the small tabs on the top. See my introduction video where I'm creating a group Work for work-related dials:

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Das ist der perfekte Ersatz.
  • Very useful addon!
  • Not sure what problems some of the bashers have, but this add-on has work very well for me for a year.

    Fast, and does everything I need it to do. I don't use every feature, but there are no speed issues at all.

    FF 61, has a new NEWTAB feature, and I'd like that to open when pressing Ctrl_t and not GroupSpeedial but can't figure out how to get that to happen.