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  • Hi. Maybe You consider to add more option to customize appearance. I suggest only two features witch is very improve Group Speed Dial theme. Add setting for thumbnail borders - disable shadows and enable borders and setting for bordes weight (1px, 2px, 4px) and maybe for round border. And add optins for marign for all Group Speed Dial (pixels and procents) so for example I can setup 10% margin (space) around Speed Didal. Od course it would be nice for select border colors options. This is only what i'm missing for. Everythin else is excelent.
    I'm adding new styling options over time - rather slowly.
    However recently I've added option to load your own CSS styles - in Options page / "Custom CSS styles:".
    This enables you to make all the changes you mentioned. However it requires some CSS knowledge...
    I will create some examples so that it's easy for users to start. Like that ".dials > a > div > div > span { font-weight: bold; }" will make dials name "bold" (changing styles on ".dials > a" and ".dials > a > div" is what you are probably looking for).

    One last thing - soon after I finish current big server upgrade, users will be able to share their custom themes. So soon you should be able to choose from a lot of themes :)

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • I wanted to comment that for a long time I had this error when I enable the extension

    What I have is an error reported by the IdexedDB error handler:
    `e.target.error.name`: 'UnknownError'
    `e.target.error.message`: 'The operation failed for reasons unrelated to the database itself and not covered by any other error code'


    The solution for this was to go to `about:support` to find my Profile Folder and to delete the contents of the `storage` folder from my profile.

    Now I came back to my preferred extension!
  • Import from legacy SpeedDial addon worked very well. Unfortunately, the address bar always loses the focus when opening a new tab (Firefox ESR 60.2). It is so annoying that I had to disable your addon.

    Edit 1: I should've mentioned that the loss of focus occurs if you set the "Override New Tab page with URL" general option to about:blank. If you leave it empty, the focus stays in the address bar when you open a new tab.

    Well that's strange. I've just tested it in ESR and it works fine - in New tabs and New windows the focus is always in address bar.
    Also note that add-on cannot change focus. It's up-to Firefox to to control what will get focus. There is only one "trick" how to focus page instead of address bar (there is option for this in my add-on).
    If you have more issues, feel free to contact me to my support e-mail.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • 能支持下中文吗? 谢谢作者!
    Sure, but I will need somebody who can translate it. If you know anybody who knows English, please let me know. The translation is done through a web-page so it's easy to do and it takes only few hours.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • I've been waiting for an add-on similar to Fast Dial ever since the new update stopped supporting it. This is the first and the best so far. The chance of adding old dials is a huge plus! Thanks for creating this add-on!!
  • very good.
  • Almost perfect!!!!

    The one thing that keeps me from giving you five stars is the fact that it losses track of custom dial thumbnails when your editing the title (or any other field); forcing me to digg through the HD after the "correct" images again!

    Should be a setting to NEWER refresh the thumbnails of dials.

    I would also love a setting where I can set a specific dial to always open in a new window/tab.
    Hello again,
    The new version 10.3 was just released - now you should not loose your custom dials ever again. And there is now feature to open dials in new: Tab / Window / Private window.
    I hope this helps! If you find any issues, please contact me to my support e-mail.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar

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    That's terrible, it hurts me just to read that. I will totally fix the issue with loosing custom thumbnail in the next release! If you find more issues like this, please contact me on my support e-mail.
    There will be also "restore previous thumbnail" feature soon that will also help in cases like this.

    The other one with specific setting to open in new tab / window can be also done, I will try to fit it also in the next release (it will be in the Settings tab).

    Thank you for pointing this out. I will release 10.3 probably during the weekend.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • I liked the old Speeddial more. Clicking on the upper right hand corner of a dial brought up a full menu of options. With this one, I still haven't figured out how to delete a dial, rename a group, etc. So I'm a techno-peasant, admittedly....
    All of these actions are available through context menu - right click the dial or group name.
    You can now access the "Edit group" window also through the Options button on the top-right.
    All options are in the separate Options page.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Great Addon....

    But how can I use Group Speed Dial together wit FVD Speed Dial ( FDV as New-Tab-Startpage ) ?
    I overwrote New-Tab-Site-URL in settings with FVD Speed Dial - URL ( like this: moz-extension://924ead25-d37a-486d-84a9-ce408017164a/newtab.html ) ....but it did not work. Group Speed Dial is always New-Tab-Startpage....

    @ Juraj Mäsiar: Your advice works well --> Now I'll give 5 Stars :-)

    The overriding is only for normal URL, it cannot work with another add-on pages (forbidden by Firefox security).
    However the latest installed (enabled) add-on will be overriding the New tab page. So if you want the FVD to be in a new tab page, you should just disable both add-ons and then enable them in the correct order - first mine, then the FVD.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • I like it because you can change it to suit your needs. I had a soft spot for Mozilla when it was just people doing things that you felt were for us. I realise that was another business decision.
  • Love it!
  • Although this is a good add-on, but it has some major issues. We can accept its mal-functioning, but when we reinstall Firefox, then it should at least properly restore its own backup. Mr. Juraj, you can imagine when we have hundreds of dials with locally stored thumbnail files, then how much it will be panic when this add-on completely failed to restore thumbnails.

    We love this add-on and we expect that you will try to make the capability of complete backup restore without any shortcoming.
    If you have some issues with restoring a backup, please contact me to my support e-mail.
    Currently the backup file contains all settings except the thumbnails (images).
    The cloud contains these data as well and when you login on a new PC, it should download it automatically.
    There is also a History feature that can help when you lost your local settings (this can happen if you downgrade from Firefox 63 to any previous version).

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • ・Group Speed Dialのページ画面を更新するとき、新しいタブを開く仕様のようだがそのときブラウザの操作を邪魔するときが頻繁にある。
    ・動画を全画面で見ているとき、Group Speed Dial画面を更新で新しいタブを開いて動画の全画面を通常画面に戻してしまう。動画を見るとき、無効にする操作が必要になる。
    ・sign inするとGroup Speed Dialのページ画面を更新してしまい、登録していたページがなくなる。
    「動画を見ない。ページの更新時間を設定しない。Sign upしない。」方なら、お気に召すかも知れません。
    This is a Firefox bug I've reported here:
    It will be fixed in Firefox 62, scheduled for release in 4 weeks from now.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar