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  • You're my hero, finally I can ditch Firefox 56 which I kept just for the "Speed Dial by Josep del Rio" add-on.
    Donation has been sent!
    Now if you can get the thumbnail generation to work with JavaScript, have seperate "Sync every X minutes" options for each dial and have the same image offset and crop functions as del Rio's add-on, I won't have to look back to the good old days :D

    Edit after response: Cool, thanks for the quick reply!
    I didn't check the "Edit Dial" settings yesterday, they have everything I need (and more). Cool stuff!
    Then I just have to wait for the new reload method for the sites that don't work (i.e. Outlook Webmail or Fastmail).

    Thank you for supporting my work!
    Regarding thumbnails generation - you can disable JavaScript in the Edit dial window, but if it's needed and it's not working properly, then you will have to wait for the new reload method I'm planning to release.

    Regarding "Sync every X minutes" - you mean auto-reload every x minutes? Because it's already there.

    Regarding crop and offset - this is already there, see the Edit dial window.

    If you are missing more stuff, let me know to my support e-mail.

    Thank you again for the donation!

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • This is the best add-on out there. When Mozilla broke it, I really was mad. Glad it's back. Get this Speed Dial. All the others are bloated over the top wannabes.
  • Very nice! great xmarks replacer. One request that would be nice is to have the option to save dials as a Data Base file and use it to save as a backup and (or) sync it to a cloud of our choosing such as g drive. Im not 100% satisfied with other (cloud) services or trust them. For now ill use this but having the ability to save to our own cloud of choice would rocket this addon's rep and give 100% confidence. (Edit) Thank you for the reply. Excellent! Looking forward to the future updates/features. I'm gonna recommend this to my friends who been looking for something like this. Thanks for your work, highly appreciated. Although I'm new to this addon, I will continue to use this regularly as it really is more useful than MANY others I've tried.

    Adding support for custom sync. server is on my todo list, but before it gets implemented I'm planning to implement end-to-end encryption. That way you will be able to choose any sync. server, because your data will be encrypted.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • https://www.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/
    скачиваем Firefox Quantum -там пока все работает, дополнения не отключены