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  • Дополнение работает мега замечательно!!!
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  • Anfangs prima. Dann werden aus unbekannten Grund sämtliche Lesezeichen gelöscht und das add-on sieht wieder aus wie frisch installiert - alle Lesezeichen futsch. Das ist bereits zweimal passiert, jetzt habe ich keine Lust mehr.

    Just don't panic. There is a good chance you can still get to them.

    First, check the History - in the upper right corner on the dials page. This can be related to issue with downgrading Beta or Nightly versions, see this article:

    If you don't see backups in history, maybe you have created cloud account or have a backup file exported?

    If you see any error on the dials page, please let me know - you can contact me directly to my support e-mail.

    Most of these bugs is related to some Firefox bugs. My add-on cannot loose data by itself... Also it's used by 50k users so such issues would be reported by many others.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • I needed a replacement for FVD Speed Dial, as I came to not trust it. Group Speed Dial is the best! It is lightweight, fast, simple and easy to configure. This will be used on all of our PC's in our home and office.

    Bye-bye FVD, hello Group Speed Dial!
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  • Pořádně vyzkouším ale zatím ok.Skvělá práce.Jen se s tím naučit pracovat.